What we expect

We are the largest financial services group in Northern Europe and because of our size we offer an extensive variety of opportunities within business and IT. Many of our employees stay with us for many years, not because they stay in the same position, but because they are able to shift jobs frequently within Nordea.

Like any other large organisation we have our share of complexity, but we are thriving to reduce it by simplifying all our processes and ways of working. Actually we are challenging ourselves constantly to do things better and more simply – and we expect all new graduates to challenge and question the things we do. That way we get better. In return, we offer you to develop your ability to navigate in a large organisation and unlock the opportunities that we provide if you show the drive and willingness to take up the challenges.

Video: What's it like to be a graduate? 

Mads Leonhardt Thomsen, Graduate programme manager, shares some of the benefits of the programme; both for you and for us! Mads also shares how the programme can support your transition from being a student to becoming a successful young professional (video 1:14 min.): 

Can you see yourself in these questions?

  • Do you have a can-do attitude, yet able to stay humble, listen to and learn from all the dedicated and highly competent colleagues that you will meet in Nordea?
  • Can you establish trustworthy and credible relationships both with colleagues and customers and acknowledge that career advancement is based on a solid record of high performance?
  • Are you a team player, knowing that you cannot change things alone and that being part of a team will make you better?
  • Are you self-confident, self-driven and willing to constantly improve your competencies and develop yourself?

In addition, the minimum requirement as a graduate at Nordea is that you have a Master’s degree, a maximum of two years’ post-academic work experience, excellent English language skills and high potential. Specific recruitment criteria are defined in each job ad.

Furthermore, in the recruitment process you need to pass an ability test, where your numerical, verbal and inductive capabilities are tested.