Talent management at Nordea

manager employee meeting

Knowing our talents, helping them make the most of their potential by continuous development is the essence of great Talent management for us and it is how we expect our leaders to lead Nordea every day.

Being a Nordea talent starts with performance. You are expected to deliver great results in your area of accountability, and to do so by living our values. However, to be recognised as a talent, delivering great results is not all. You must also have the ability, willingness and readiness to stretch yourself further and to walk the extra mile.

When assessing talents, we look at four dimensions:

  1. Past performance track 

  2. Ability to live our values 

  3. Ambition 

  4. Potential for more; either added complexity or a new level

Engaging and developing our talents is a high priority for us. We believe that each one of us is responsible for our own development and career, but as a company we have a responsibility to actively encourage and support the unlocking of potential.

At Nordea we believe that performance provides an opportunity to learn, and learning provides the capability to perform. Therefore we emphasise on-the-job development of our talents through stretched assignments or strategic projects combined with ongoing feedback and coaching. Your first objective is to excel at what you do, and when you are ready for more we help you build the competencies required to stretch yourself to take on added complexity or prepare you for a new role.

We have a number of talent programmes, both at group level and driven locally by business areas. Two examples of group-driven talent programmes are Nordea Graduate programme for academic students just starting their career and the internal Young Significant Talents programme for our most high-calibre talents already employed at Nordea.