Meet Erik; one of our great students

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14-11-10 10:00 | Student | Meet a Nordea profile

Here is a short interview with Erik - one of our great students. Erik has been working as an adviser at Contract Centre in Malmö. 

Erik, why did you apply for a job at Nordea?

I applied to Nordea because I have a strong interest in the financial markets and wanted to experience the day-to-day operations of household banking. I see Nordea as a great employer with excellent mentorship and my ambition was to gain valuable experience for a long-term career within one of the greatest financial institutions in the Nordic region.

What were your expectations for the summer and were they fulfilled?

My ambition was to improve my communication skills and to take the SwedSec license. I really learned a lot during this summer, especially after passing the licensing test, which gave me the opportunity to work pro-actively with savings. I had a great summer working with customer service and I also enjoyed working closely together with my colleagues.

What were your main tasks during the summer of 2014?

I talked to several customers every day over the phone, helping them with their financial issues, such as setting up saving plans, discussing various kinds of private insurances and dealing with financing such as loan applications.

What was the best thing during this summer?

The variation of the calls that I received; they were a mix of questions and more tricky issues that needed to be resolved. Troubleshooting never stops to fascinate me; especially since finding solutions can sometimes be complex and therefore stimulating.

What are your plans for the future?

My immediate plan is to continue working at Nordea since it’s a large bank with many exciting career opportunities. I want to continue to develop either towards Private Banking/Wealth Management or towards working within the corporate division.

Do you have any tips for students in the process of applying for a job?

If you have previous experience in sales or in the service industry, for instance, my advice is that you emphasise that in your application. It is your personality and ability to build relationships with the customers that differentiates the bank. If you do your utmost to give customers great customer experiences, I would say this is the most important thing when you apply for a job.

Erik - brief facts

University:Lund University
Study programme:Economics and Finance
Role at Nordea:Adviser at Contact Centre in Malmö
Previous Nordea experience:Part-time at Contact Centre from September 2013