Meet Lasse; one of our great students

lasse asset management
15-03-18 13:00 | Student | Meet a Nordea profile

Here is a short interview with Lasse - one of our great students. Lasse has been working as a student employee at Static Data & Benchmark in Asset Management, Denmark. 

Lasse, why did you apply for a job at Nordea?

For me it was an opportunity to explore various job profiles as well as develop both professionally and personally. I also hoped to learn about new exciting opportunities and challenges for the future.

What were your expectations for the summer and were they fulfilled?

Since I also attended a summer school programme at my university, I expected flexible working hours. In dialogue with my manager we agreed on a plan with sufficient time for me to study, work and have some holiday.

What were your main tasks during the summer of 2014?

My main tasks were to create and maintain bonds, equities and other securities in the Static Data team, replicate and create benchmarks for the Benchmark team as well as develop and maintain working procedures.

What was the best thing during this summer?

I had the really motivating responsibility of creating thorough working procedure descriptions for the Static Data team and I also appreciated working with my colleagues. Especially my manager has been a great inspiration to me and I can only follow his example when it comes to being professional, resourceful and empathic.

What are your plans for the future?

Besides finishing my Master’s degree, my plan is to find a full-time job and perhaps even a graduate position. I would prefer to work with Equity Research or Equity Trading and in the long term I would like to step into a managerial position.

Do you have any tips for students in the process of applying for a job?

Don’t be afraid to show who you are as a person; don’t just show your school papers and accomplishments. Let your future employer know what you do in your spare time, since this often shows a lot of the personal qualities that employers are looking for.

Lasse - brief facts

University:Copenhagen Business School
Study programme:Cand. merc. Finance & Investments
Role at Nordea:Student employee at Static Data & Benchmark in Asset Management, Copenhagen
Previous Nordea experience:Part-time in different branch offices since 2009 followed by Nordea Credit 2012–2013