Tiva – an inspirational strategist

15-10-14 10:45 | Meet a Nordea profile

Tiva is 26 years old and an investment strategist at Nordea. He is driven by inspiring people and putting his background in the limelight to use when representing Nordea in various contexts. 

Already at the age of seven, Tiva started acting and performing on stage. In junior high school he attended drama class. When kids’ show REA produced by Swedish TV channel SVT visited his school, he was hand-picked and selected as a star. He was a football referee at 17 years of age, refereeing women’s teams of older girls. He talks about growing up and exudes self-confidence and positive energy. 

Tiva believes he is where he is today because when growing up, he learned about discipline and that you have to work hard to succeed. He has always been curious, constantly wanting to learn new things. 

“In order to remember all my lines when performing before an audience, discipline is required. In order to gain respect as a referee among older girls, discipline is required,” he comments with a broad smile. 

Tiva works as an investment strategist at Asset Allocation. His primary task is to help Nordea’s customers to become better investors – preferably as good as the best investors in the world. 

Dual honours

At the age of 23, Tiva had obtained two masters’ degrees. And as if that were not enough, while at university he was also an exchange student at both Harvard and the Australian National University. 

“When I started studying for the MBA programme specialising in finance, I would sit at home in the evenings, watch TV and basically twiddle my thumbs. I had, quite simply, too much time to spare, so I chose to study for two degrees in parallel and embarked on the economics programme too.”  

Tiva had already worked at Carnegie and Nasdaq when he applied to the Nordea Graduate programme, to which he was allocated a graduate term of two years in the Asset Allocation department.

“It was highly stimulating on all fronts. I was chosen because I’m ambitious. I want to be best – better than competitors, and I constantly want to develop. A great deal of work has gone into this, and I think I exude that energy.” 

A passion for being inspirational

Tiva gets back to his great interest in theatre and that standing on a stage is what he enjoys best. And, being the enthusiast that he is, he combines benefit with pleasure. Besides working long days and late nights, he is also engaged in a series of other projects at Nordea. He works with training the bank’s advisors, he holds inspirational talks at universities, colleges, etc. and he teaches young people about personal finances as part of the “Finances in Check” project. He can also be followed as one of Nordea’s spokespersons on Twitter.   

When asked whether he dreams about becoming a Hollywood movie star, he laughs and quickly says no. He really enjoys his job at Nordea, with his smart and driven colleagues and his inspirational manager, who allows him to develop and test out his ideas. 

“I’ve got the best job. Here, I can develop professionally and at the same time do what I enjoy most – perform on stage. I get to develop personally and inspire people, talk to them and deliver talks to them. And, each time I do so it is with the purpose of helping customers to become the best investors. That’s precisely what I’m here to do. It’s a win-win situation, quite simply,” he concludes. 

Brief facts about Tiva

Lives:In Stockholm
Time at Nordea:Two years
Family:Mum, Dad and big sister. He says himself that he is “very much the little brother”
Favourite pastime:Standing on a stage and talking about what he is passionate about
Favourite food:Mum’s Persian dishes
Favourite sport:Football and Juventus
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