Write your Master thesis with us

15-11-02 14:40 | Student

We are looking for master thesis writing collaborations to Nordea Savings & Wealth Offerings (SWO).

Besides getting an insight into the largest financial services group in Northern Europe, we offer you:

  • Access to relevant data and people.
  • A fixed contact person that will challenge your thinking and help you in the process.
  • An opportunity to present your thesis to a high-level manager in SWO.

We offer two topics

You have two topics to choose from and our hope is that your thesis will end with a few “Managerial Suggestions” helping us improve.

Topic 1: Forecasting the size of the Nordic savings market


To improve our forecasting of the size of the Nordic savings market, we want to make our models more sophisticated. In essence we want a model that can forecast the size of each Nordic market within four different product groups. It should distinguish between market appreciation and flow to the market. A possible structure could be to include two sections: 1. Create a dynamic, econometrical model and 2. In-depth analysis of the current state of the market to substantiate the current forecast.

Possible research questions

  • How can the market appreciation and flow to market be forecasted within the Nordic savings market? 
  • How does the competitive landscape look in the coming years in the Nordic wealth management industry?

Topic 2: Content Strategy


Nordea’s core values revolve around the term ‘Simplification.’ As a Nordic bank, this emphasizes the importance of a consistent, strong and Nordic content and communication strategy. We are looking for an in-depth analysis of how Nordea can implement a Nordic content strategy for its Wealth Management area, which includes savings, investments and pension. The successful candidate could look into how Nordea can optimize its communication channels and/or streamline content and/or how it should position itself towards its largest competitors. A potential thesis can add great value to Nordea Wealth Management’s future content strategy.

Possible research questions

  • How can Nordea improve its external communication across its Nordic platforms in order to adhere to its core value ‘One Nordea Team’? 
  • How can Nordea develop a Nordic content strategy, while taking local culture, interest and variation into account? 
  • How can Nordea benefit from its Nordic position against its largest competitors, which generally are more locally/nationally oriented, from a content and communication point of view?

Your profile

You are studying at a Danish University and you have a relevant academic background. We expect you to be able to present great results and we also view relevant work experience as something positive.

We expect you to have high ambitions and be committed to delivering value to our business. We encourage you to write in teams of two but it is not a requirement.

Apply now

Welcome with your application with a one-page research proposal as well as your CV and grade transcripts (bachelor and master) attached. If you apply as a team; submit only one application but include CV and grade transcripts for both of you. 

The deadline for applying is November 23, 2015. Please submit your application as soon as possible since we are working continuously with candidate selection. 

You can also contact Emil and Søren if you have any questions related to each topic.

Selected applicants will be invited to a meeting and the decision will be taken after this meeting. 

About us 

SWO is a unit within Wealth Management and our task is to align, define, partly develop, package and communicate Nordea's product and service offerings in the savings and investment area to fulfil the customers' individual needs.

The main stakeholders are Retail Banking and Private Banking customers. We are a Nordic unit with 350 employees.