Lectures by Nordea at University of Vaasa

Topi Manner, head of Banking Finland stayed for a talk with students after his lecture.
15-11-09 9:00 | Student

We have, during the last two weeks, arranged a Banking course for the faculty of business studies at University of Vaasa in Finland.

The course consists of six lectures that are organised in cooperation between Nordea and the Bank Advisory Board. 

The Banking course entitles to study credits and the purpose is to share knowledge of current issues within the financial industry. 

We have welcomed around 100 students to each lecture and we are happy to see that the chosen topics have been so popular. This year, we covered themes such as customer service, financial crisis, future banking and the power of digitalisation. 

Each lecture was led by a specialist, leader or graduate from Nordea who, besides presenting their topic, also interacted with the audience and answered questions.

About Bank Advisory Board

Bank Advisory Board (Pankkineuvottelukunta, PNK), founded in 1968, is collaboration between Nordea and the student union at University of Vaasa. The idea with PNK is to bridge the gap between the academic world and business life. A special focus is put on further improving the knowledge among students when it comes to the economic field, especially when it comes to the different principles and forms of banking.