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16-03-21 16:30 | Meet a Nordea profile

Get to know a bit more about Nordea´s marketing unit in this interview with Elizabeth. She also tells about her background, career path and how the customer experience is an important driver in her daily job.

What do you do as Head of Group Marketing?

I´m a part of Group Marketing and Communications in Nordea, and I manage Group Marketing; a Nordic unit dedicated to help establish Nordea as a true relationship bank.

Marketing is the first step in connecting with people and customers; it is the primer for relationships to grow, so we consider our role to be of utmost importance – also simply because customers expect more from their bank experience and we help deliver on these expectations. In our marketing execution we help answer the question “Why should a customer choose Nordea and not someone else – what makes us so special?”

It´s both a creative and geeky profession because customer communication can be delivered in many creative ways; and it also requires the latest technology to deliver it – preferably as personal and customized as possible.

What is your background?

Before I joined Nordea I worked for TeliaSonera and before that in the IT industry when I worked for IBM. I have tried out quite a few different areas of responsibilities; sales, online and web development, marketing and communications. 

A common thread though has been the customer facing aspect and always having the customer in focus. This is really my passion. Achieving business results by delivering the best customer experience - and you can work with this in so many ways.

Why did you decide to join Nordea?

I was proactively approached and to be quite honest - originally - I had no intention to join the banking industry. For me, a bank was just “money in, money out”, and a bit old-fashion. But when I looked into it, I realized banking is so much more!

The role we at Nordea play for customers and even societies at large is really significant. Yet we can be even better. It´s the customers who decide how, when and where they want to do banking and we are investing significantly in creating modern financial services in line with best in class global trends - and I decided that I wanted to be part of that journey of delivering best in class customer experiences.

What is a “Great day at work” for you?

A great day is a busy day – a day where I can make a difference or just get something done. Big or small – sometimes a shared moment or just a good laugh makes my whole day. The good things in life are sometimes the simple things. 

What do you think you will be doing in 1 and 3 years’ time from now?

I don´t know, I have never been the big career planner and in this particular area; I´m fairly short-sighted. My experience is that you develop over time and also learn new things about yourself and I have realized that a long-term-plan often needs to be revised. So I just do what I do best at any given point in time and jump on the opportunities that arise if they feel right. It works for me at least. As long as it evolves around customer experiences and delivering on a customer promise, I´m interested!

Do you have any advice regarding career planning?

Don´t sweat too much about this. Sometimes career finds you before you look for it - just do your best and live your potential. And make sure you work in a company that allows for both factors.

Brief facts about Elizabeth

Title:Head of Group Marketing
Lives:In Rungsted, a city north of Copenhagen
Education:M.Sc International Business

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