Summer of Innovation - Nordea's Professional Experience Programme

Are you interested in innovation and business development, excited about the digital world, curious and solution oriented by nature, a good team player and an enthusiastic person with a doer mindset?  
At Nordea’s Business Innovation unit (a part of Transaction Banking), we work actively with creating value for our largest corporate customers - which coincidentally are some of the largest companies in the Nordics. Our unit works directly with the largest corporate customers in identifying new business opportunities, as well as realising those opportunities. Through innovation sprints, co-creation and co-development we pave the way for the future of banking.  
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The offer

The financial industry is undergoing a massive disruption right now - and we want to offer you the opportunity to be on  
the frontlines of this and drive change and innovation at Nordea - the largest Nordic bank.  
We are looking for new and bright minds to join us in our work taking on the challenges with some of the largest corporations in the Nordics. You’ll be working closely and side-by- side with us, getting your hands dirty, as we are co-creating and coming up with new products and solutions to existing problems and pain points. It’s the perfect chance for you to try something new - or maybe a completely new industry and apply your skills in a new setting. Together with our team, you’ll take business opportunities from ideation to a tested concept in just a few days.  
We are looking for a broad range of backgrounds for this position - you definitely don’t need to have a traditional  
financial background. Whether you come from the ad industry, from a start-up or any other industry - we want you to come and apply your skills in a completely new setting!  
The programme will start on August 13th 2018 and run until September 30th 2018. There are six positions available, 3 in Stockholm and 3 in Helsinki. The position is competitively compensated. We are not able to provide accommodation.  
You will bring your professional experience and apply it in a completely new setting. Your work will consist of:  
  • Analysis and identifying of business and customer opportunities     
  • Innovation and ideation sketching      
  • Research and problem solving  
  • Prototype and storyboard creation  
  • Stakeholder management  


Who are you

You should have at least one year of professional working experience (anything counts) to apply. We’re looking for a range of skillsets so regardless if your focus area is psychology or UX design -  apply!  
In terms of who you are, we would like you to have the following general traits: 
  • Result-driven problem-solver with high integrity who believes that work is and should be fun and exciting  
  • Passion for innovation and solution development  
  • A strong ability to think and act strategically, even in situations of ambiguity, to develop both short- and long-term visions  
  • Experience in other industries and business models than banking  
  • Strongly believe in collaboration and enjoy working within tight diverse teams
  • Strong communication skills 

More information

Submit your CV, and instead of a cover letter, we want you to complete a creative task. In order to succeed during our professional experience programme, you need to have a passion for solving problems. Big or small. Through your creative task you’ll be able to showcase your skills.  
The creative task - here’s what we want you to do  
Choose one real issue or problem that you are passionate about. Reflect on the issue, research existing products and come up with a new and innovative idea that could make a valuable contribution to making your neighborhood, town, city, country or the world a better place. Present a solution that is driven by digital technology.  
There are no rules on how to present your task, beside the fact that it should take no longer than 5 minutes for us to review. You should not spend too much time on this task. The creative task is to be presented in English.  
Submitting your creative task  
Present your task in whatever format you find most suitable - it can be anything ranging from a PDF, text document,  
video, infographic, PowerPoint presentation or anything in between. Upload your creative task to an online or cloud service and attach the link in a document. You will be able to upload the document during the application process. In the ‘Documents’ section of your application, please upload your creative task under the ‘Cover Letter’ option. In other words, the cover letter document should only include a link to your task.  
Evaluation criteria  
We judge your creative task based on two key criteria:  
  1. Innovation: the idea itself, its feasibility, and originality  
  2. Communication: how effectively you present your idea  
The application period will close on May 2nd 2018. Shortlisted candidates will be selected based on their resume and creative task. The shortlisted candidates will be invited to a face-to-face interview.  
For more information about the position, you are welcome to contact Damon Amoui, in Stockholm or Katja Haasanen, in Helsinki.