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Thursday 25th August

This list refers to companies hosting group presentations. Please click HERE to get an overview over companies available for one-to-one meetings.


AAK | Ticker: AAK SS | Mcap: SEK 43bn / EUR 4.1bn | Consumer Staples

Represented by: Tomas Bergendahl, CFO & IR Johan Holmqvist

About: AAK, also known as AarhusKarlshamn, is a Swedish-based company active in the food processing industry and specialises in plant-based oils for specialised products for better taste, health and sustainability.

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AddLife | Ticker: ALIFB SS | Mcap: SEK 29bn / EUR 2.7bn | Healthcare 

Represented by: Kristina Willgård, CEO & Christina Rubenhag, CFO

About: Addlife is a life science company with a highly scalable business model based on ownership and acquisitions of market leading niche companies in laboratory and medical technology.

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Bergman & Beving | Ticker: BERGB SS | Mcap: SEK 3bn / EUR 0.3bn | Industrials

Represented by: Magnus Söderlind, President & CEO

About: Bergman & Beving AB is a supplier of industrial consumables in Sweden. The company's operating segment include Building Materials, Workplace Safety and Tools and Consumables.

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Carasent | Ticker: CARA NO | Mcap: NOK 2bn / EUR 0.2bn| IT Services

Represented by: Dennis Höjer, CEO

About: Carasent (previously known as Apptix) is a Norway-based company providing cloud-based medical record services to the healthcare industry. The company is active on the Nordic market and operates through its subsidiary Evimeria EMR.

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CellaVision | Ticker: CEVI SS | Mcap: SEK 8bn / EUR 0.8bn | Healthcare

Represented by: Simon Østergaard, CEO

About: CellaVision AB is engaged in the business of supplying digital solutions for blood and body fluid analysis. Its solutions are based on digital image analysis technology, artificial intelligence, and information technology. Its customers include mainly large hospital laboratories and commercial laboratories in North America, Europe and China and Japan.

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Cibus | Ticker: CIBUS SS | Mcap: SEK 11bn / EUR 1.0bn | Real Estate 

Represented by: Sverker Källgården, CEO & Pia-Lena Olofsson, CFO

About: Cibus Nordic Real Estate operates as a real estate company that acquires, develops and manage grocery and daily-goods stores. The company holds a portfolio of more than 100 properties in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway.

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CTT Systems | Ticker: CTT SS | Mcap: SEK 3bn / EUR 0.2bn | Industrials

Represented by: Henrik Höjer , CEO & Markus Berg, CFO

About: CTT Systems is a Swedish technology company that develops, manufactures and supplies humidity control systems for commercial aircrafts and private jet completions.

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Green Landscaping | Ticker: GREEN SS | Mcap: SEK 4bn / EUR 0.4bn | Industrials

Represented by: Carl-Fredrik Meijer, CFO

About: Green Landscaping Group is a provider of landscaping and maintenance of outdoor environment services. The company is active in Sweden, Norway and Finland and operates through six regional segments.

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Husqvarna | Ticker: HUSQB SS | Mcap: SEK 51.7bn / EUR 4.9bn| Industrials

Represented by: Terry Burke, CFO

About: Husqvarna AB is a Swedish manufacturer of outdoor maintenance and recreational products.

The Company produces robotic lawn-mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, blowers, commercial lawn mowers, tillers, generators, snow blowers, stump grinders, and utility vehicles.

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K-Fast | Ticker: KFASTB SS | Mcap:  8.3bn / EUR 0.8bn | Real Estate

Represented by: Jacob Karlsson, CEO & Martin Larsson, CFO

About: K-Fastigheter (K-Fast) is a real estate company focusing on development and construction of rental housing for own long-term management. K-Fast's business model is characterised by high efficiency as it controls the entire value chain from development to management. The portfolio mainly consists of rental housing in southern Sweden, but the long-term strategy is to expand also to western and eastern regions.

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Kjell Group | Ticker: KJELL SS | Mcap: SEK 2bn / EUR 0.1bn | Consumer Discretionary

Represented by: Andreas Rylander, CEO & Niklas Tyrén, CFO

About: Kjell Group is an omnichannel retailer focused on consumer electronics accessories with operations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The company has an integrated omnichannel platform offering its customers a broad range of products.

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Lindab | Ticker: LIAB SS | Mcap: SEK 13bn / EUR 1.3bn | Industrials

Represented by: Ola Ringdahl, CEO

About: Lindab develops, manufactures and distributes products and system solutions for construction and indoor climate control, i.e. ventilation. The company’s activities are divided into two business areas: 1) Ventilation, which offers duct systems with accessories, and solutions for ventilation, heating and cooling for a controlled indoor climate, as well as fittings, and 2) Building Components, providing steel products and systems for roof drainage, roof and wall cladding, as well as steel profiles for walls, roof and beam constructions.

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NCAB | Ticker: NCAB SS | Mcap: SEK 11bn / EUR 1.1bn | Technology

Represented by: Peter Kruk, CEO & Anders Forsén, CFO

About: NCAB is one of the largest full service suppliers of PCBs in Europe, with a focus on the HMLV (High Mix Low Volume) segment, which is PCBs compatible with more technologically advanced products and therefore the margins within this segment are high.

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Netel | Ticker: NETEL SS | Mcap: SEK 2bn / EUR 0.2bn | Industrials

Represented by: Ove Bergkvist, CEO & Peter Andersson, CFO

About: Netel is a leading provider of planning, construction and maintenance of infranet services to a wide range of blue-chip customers in the Nordics. The company provides infranet services within mobile telecom networks, fixed networks and power networks.

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NKT | Ticker: NKT DC | Mcap: DKK 15bn / EUR 2bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Line Andrea Fandrup, CFO

About: NKT is a Denmark-based holding company that acquires, owns, and manages industrial companies in three business areas: Solutions, Applications, and Service and Accessories. NKT provides cables for power infrastructure, including onshore and offshore power transmission system, and its solutions bring power to interconnections, hydro-electric, and nuclear power plants, including onshore and offshore wind farms, oil and gas platforms, and solar energy.

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Ratos | Ticker: RATO SS | Mcap: SEK 18bn | EUR 1.7bn | Financials

Represented by: Jonas Wiström, CEO & Jonas Ågrup, CFO

About: Ratos is business group with its primary goal to own and develop mid-sized companies into market leaders. The company consists of 13 companies organised into three business areas: Construction & Services, Consumer and Industry.

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Solar | Ticker: SOLARB DC | Mcap: DKK 4.93bn / EUR 0.66bn | Technology

Represented by: Michael Jeppesen, CFO & Dennis Callesen, IR

About: Solar A/S operates as a European sourcing and services company in electrical, heating and plumbing, ventilation, and climate and energy solutions. The company offers products from lighting fixtures, switches and sockets to security such as, video surveillance equipment, burglar alarms and fire alarms.

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Sweco | Ticker: SWEC SS | Mcap: SEK 42bn / EUR 4.0bn | Business Services 

Represented by: Åsa Bergman, President and CEO, Olof Stålnacke, CFO & Marcela Sylvander, CCO

About: Sweco is a consulting company specialising in engineering, environmental technology, and architecture. The Company's services include urban planning, feasibility studies, environmental projects, structural engineering, water treatment, and IT technology. 

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Troax Group | Ticker: TROAX SS | Mcap: SEK 14bn / EUR 1.3bn | Industrials 

Represented by: Thomas Widstrand, CEO & Anders Eklöf, CFO

About: Troax is a leading global supplier of customisable safety solutionsand with specialised in metal-based mesh panel soluitions. The panels are combined using a modular system which is then deployed for safety around industrial robots, in warehouses and used for storage facilities. 

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Truecaller | Ticker: TRUE SS | Mcap: SEK 17bn / EUR 1.7bn | Technology

Represented by: Alan Mamedi CEO and Co-founder

About: Truecaller is a Swedish software company offering a global platform for verifying contacts and blocking unwanted communication. The company has about 310 million active users with half a billion downloads.

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Vimian | Ticker: VIMIAN SS | Mcap: SEK 22.8bn / EUR 2.1bn | Healthcare

Represented by: Fredrik Ullman, CEO & Maria Dahllöf Tullberg, Head of IR, Communications & Sustainability

About: Vimian Group AB engages in the animal health business worldwide. It operates through Specialty Pharma, MedTech, Diagnostics, and Veterinary Services segments. The company offers proprietary diagnostics, prescription, and non-prescription treatments for preventive care and treatment of chronic conditions for companion animals.

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Vincit | Ticker: VINCIT FI | Mcap: EUR 0.1bn | Technology

Represented by: Jens Krogell, Deputy CEO and Chief Strategy Officer

About: Vincit Oyj designs and develops software products and services. The Company offers web services and information systems, mobile applications, embedded systems, and service design. Vincit serves customers worldwide.

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