Thursday 24th August

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Absolent | Ticker: ABSO SS | Mcap: SEK 4.5bn / EUR 0.45bn | Industrials 

Represented by: Axel Berntsson, President & CEO 

About: Absolent operates within cleaning of contaminated air at the source. Typical such sources are various metalworking, die casting, cold forming and welding machines that generate oil mist, oil smoke and dust. 

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Addnode Group | Ticker: ANODB SS | Mcap: SEK 14bn / EUR 1.4bn | Technology

Represented by: Johan Andersson, CEO

About: Addnode Group AB is a supplier of software and services for design, construction, and product data information clients in Sweden.

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Alcadon Group | Ticker: ALCA SS | Mcap: SEK 1.6bn / EUR 0.16bn | Telecoms

Represented by: Sonny Mirborn, CEO, Niklas Svensson, CFO & Pierre Fors, Chairman

About: Alcadon Group AB is a Sweden-based company involved in the electronic components industry. The company develops and offers products, solutions and systems in network infrastructure / data communication with a range that includes fiber and copper-based solutions as well as both passive and active products. The company includes four segments: Commercial Real Estate, Residential networks, Fiber network / FTTx and Services & Education.

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AQ Group | Ticker: AQ SS | Mcap: SEK 5bn / EUR 0.5bn | Industrials

Represented by: James Ahrgren, CEO & Christina Hegg, CFO

About: AQ Group AB is engaged in developing, manufacturing and assembling components and systems for industrial customers with high demands. The company's business consists of the System and Component segments.

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BioArctic | Ticker: BIOAB SS | Mcap: SEK 6.9bn / EUR 0.7bn | Biotech

Represented by: Gunilla Osswald, CEO

About: BioArctic AB is a Swedish biotech company which focuses on the research and development of treatments aiming at diseases that affect the central nervous system (CNS). Its therapeutic areas encompass neurodegenerative disorders, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, complete spinal cord injury, as well as other CNS disorders. The Company owns a technology platform, which develops a range of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies. The Company's pipeline includes product candidates in various clinical phases.

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Boule | Ticker: BOUL SS | Mcap: SEK 710.6m / EUR 71m | Healthcare 

Represented by: Jesper Söderqvist, CEO

About: Boule Diagnostics AB is a hematology diagnostics company that develops, manufactures and markets instruments and consumable products for blood diagnostics. The company serves hospitals, clinics, laboratories and companies within blood diagnostics, in both human and veterinary hematology. 

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Bravida | Ticker: BRAV SS | Mcap: SEK 19bn / EUR 1.9bn | Business Services

Represented by: Mattias Johansson, CEO & Åsa Neving, CFO

About: Bravida Holding provides technical installation and service solutions for buildings and plants. The Company offers integrated solutions in electrical installations, heating and plumbing, and HVAC.

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Concentric | Ticker: COIC SS | Mcap: SEK 7.8bn / EUR 0.7bn | Industrials

Represented by: Marcus Whitehouse, CFO

About: Concentric AB manufactures hydraulic products and diesel engine pumps. The Company markets its products to manufacturers of trucks, agricultural equipment, industrial vehicles, and off-road machinery. Concentric serves customers worldwide.

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DanAds | Business Services

Represented by: Joakim Lundberg, COO & Lisen Zethraeus, CMO

About: DanAds is a developer of an ad-tech infrastructure intended to help brands scale their reach. The company provides publishers with their own customizable, scalable, white-labeled self-serve platforms, allowing for automation of all advertisement operations, sales, and creative management, enabling clients to increase sales and revenue effectively. The company's main client base consists of global enterprise publishers and brands.

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Doctrin | Technology

Represented by: Anna-Karin Edstedt Bonamy, CEO & Jesper Eriksson, CFO 

About: Doctrin is one of Sweden’s leading suppliers of digital solutions for “digi-physical” healthcare with customers in primary, specialist and dental care as well as in insurance. The company is the leading supplier to private primary care providers such as Capio, Praktikertjänst, which together make up more than 50 percent of the Swedish private primary care market. Doctrin offers a unique medical content for medical history taking which is automatically turned into a medical report of such quality that healthcare staff can make medical decisions based on it, in a very short time.

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Elanders | Ticker: ELANB SS | Mcap: SEK 5bn / EUR 0.5bn | Industrials

Represented by: Magnus Nilsson, CEO & Andreas Wikner, CFO

About: Elanders AB is engaged in offering services and total solutions in supply chain management. The company operates through two business areas, Supply Chain Solutions, and Print and Packaging Solutions.

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Elliptic Labs | Ticker: ELABS NO | Mcap: NOK 1.8bn / EUR 0.17bn | Software

Represented by: Laila Danielsen, President & CEO, Co-Founder & Lars Holmøy, CFO

About: Elliptic Labs develops software-only sensors for the smartphone, laptop, IoT, and automotive markets. The company’s software uses AI, ultrasound and sensor-fusion to create Virtual Smart Sensors that deliver intuitive 3D gesture, proximity, presence, breathing and heartbeat detection experiences. While revenue currently mainly stems from the smartphone vertical, the company expects to significantly boost earnings from the laptop market ahead. According to the company, it is the only software company that has delivered detection capabilities using AI software, ultrasound, and sensor-fusion deployed at scale.

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Fagerhult | Ticker: FAG SS | Mcap: SEK 9.2bn / 0.9bn EUR | Industrials 

Represented by: Bodil Sonesson, CEO & Michael Wood, CFO

About: Fagerhult AB develops, manufactures, and markets lights and lighting systems. The Company's product line includes ceiling and wall luminaries, spotlights, lighting tracks, industrial and outdoor lights, as well as equipment for hospital wards.

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Fasadgruppen | Ticker: FG SS | Mcap: SEK 3.9bn / 0.36bn EUR | Industrials

Represented by: Pål Warolin, CEO

About: Fasadgruppen Group AB is a service provider of sustainable facades. It offers plastering, masonry, windows and balconies renovations, thermal insulation, carbon fiber reinforcement, scaffolding and various other services. The main customers of the company are property owners, construction companies, property managers, consultants, housing cooperatives as well as state bodies and municipalities.

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FLSmidth | Ticker: FLS DC | Mcap: DKK 9.8bn / EUR 1.31bn | Industrials

Represented by: Mikko Keto, CEO, Therese Möllevinge, Senior IR Officer & Mikkel Emil Johansen, IR Officer

About: FLSmidth provides engineering, equipment and service solutions to the global mining and cement industries. The company provides various products, systems and services. These include crushers, ball mills, pumps, gravity concentrators, thickeners, flotation cells, automated laboratories, bundled equipment, full production plants, and maintenance solutions for the mining industry. It also provides mills, kiln systems and clinker coolers, feeding and packaging machines, complete cement plants, maintenance, and remote online support for the cement industry.

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GARO | Ticker: GARO SS | Mcap: SEK 7.4bn / EUR 0.7bn |Technology

Represented by: Patrik Andersson, CEO & Helena Claesson, CFO

About: Garo AB is a Sweden-based company, which is primarily engaged in the electrical installations industry.

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Humble Group | Ticker: HUMBLE SS | Mcap: SEK 5.5bn / EUR 0.5bn | Speciality Chemicals

Represented by: Simon Petrén, CEO

About: Humble Group AB, formerly Bayn Group AB is a Sweden-based food-tech and FMCG company that refine, develop and distribute consumer products on a global basis. The Company aims to enable products and brand potential, within functional food, eco, sustainability, and vegan (no dairy and meat). The group consists of 8 separate but collaborative units that operate in the segments Brands, Distribution, Manufacturing and Ingredients and R&D. The company has portfolio of owned brands, such as The Humble Co., Tweek Sweets, Pandy, The Eco Gang and Green Star among others.

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Indutrade | Ticker: INDT SS | Mcap: SEK 81.7bn / EUR 8.1bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Bo Annvik, CEO &/or Patrik Johnson, CFO

About: Indutrade is a technology and trading company. It is currently acquiring roughly 10 to 20 new companies each year, with the focus being on well-run companies with a long history of growth and profitability.

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Kahoot! | Mcap: 9.3bn NOK/ EUR 0.9bn | IT Services / Technology 

Represented by: Eilert Giertsen Hanoa, CEO 

About: Kahoot! provides a game-based learning platform. The Company's platform can be used by schools, organisations and parents to create, play, and share learning games. Kahoot! offers free and subscription-based services to users and customers around the world.

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Knowit | Ticker: KNOW SS | Mcap: SEK 9bn / EUR 0.9bn | IT Services

Represented by: Per Wallentin, CEO

About: Knowit AB is a Sweden-based consultancy company which offers its clients IT consulting services, IT solutions and tailored processes. Its offering comprises: Application Management; Business and IT Management; Decision Support; Systems Development; Test and Quality Management; Web and Collaboration; and Knowit Dataunit GmbH, specialized in defense and the manufacturing industry.

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Loomis | Ticker: LOOMIS SS | Mcap: SEK 18.7bn / EUR 1.8bn| Industrials

Represented by: Kristian Ackeby, CFO

About: Loomis AB is a Sweden-based company primarily engaged in cash handling services, which include cash in transit, or CIT, and cash management services, or CMS. Loomis' customers include central banks, commercial banks, retailers, the public sector, etc.

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Munters | Ticker: MTRS SS | Mcap: SEK 11.9bn / EUR 1.1bn | Capital Goods

Represented by: Klas Forsström, CEO

About: Munters Group provides heating and air treatment solutions. The Company offers air intakes and inlets, coolers, filters, fans, heat exchangers, heaters, eliminators, humidifiers, and other related products.

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Purmo | Ticker: PURMO FH | Mcap: EUR 0.46bn | Industrial

Represented by: Erik Hedin, CFO

About: Purmo Group Oyj, formerly Virala Acquisition Company Oyj, is a Finland-based acquisition company (a SPAC). The Company’s purpose is to raise capital through the Offering on Stock Exchange and acquire one or more companies, businesses or minority share in one or more companies and/or businesses listed on the Stock Exchange. Purmo Group Oyj engages in activities connected to sourcing, evaluation, and acquisition of the potential target companies.

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Stenhus Fastigheter | Ticker: SFAST SS | Mcap: SEK 3.6bn / EUR 0.36bn | Real Estate

Represented by: Elias Georgiadis, CEO, Mikael Nicander, Deputy CEO & Tomas Georgiadis, CFO

About: Stenhus Fastigheter I Norden AB (publ) is a Sweden-based real estate company that owns and manages public and commercial properties. The Company’s business concept is to invest in properties and create the risk-adjusted return for the shareholders through a diversified property portfolio over time. Stenhus Fastigheter I Norden AB grows through property acquisitions and property development.

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WithSecure  | Ticker: FSC1V FH | Mcap: EUR 0.9bn | IT 

Represented by: Juhani Hintikka, CEO

About: F-Secure develops centrally managed security solutions for the mobile enterprise. F-Secure products include anti-virus, file encryption, and network security solutions for desktops, servers, laptops, and handheld gadgets.

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Teqnion | Ticker: TEQ SS | Mcap: SEK: 1.9bn / EUR 0.19bn | Industrials

Represented by: Johan Steene, CEO & Daniel Zhang, CFO

About: Teqnion AB distributes industrial equipment. The Company offers machines, systems, connectors, breaks, clutches, earthing materials, and lighting protection equipment. Teqnion serves customers in Sweden.

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Xplora | Ticker: XPLRA NO | Mcap: NOK 0.55bn / EUR 0.05bn | Technology Hardware & Equipment

Represented by: Mikael Clement, CFO & Sten Kirkbak, CEO

About: Xplora develops and offers wearable smart devices, connectivity and services for kids and families, with a particular focus on the smartwatch market for kids. The company generates revenue from the sale of devices and through recurring revenue from the sale of connectivity and services.

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