Our investment solutions

Our mission to deliver returns with responsibility is based on active management and thorough risk management. We strive to optimise risk-adjusted return for our customers vs. a benchmark or on an absolute level.

We cover all asset classes from fixed income and equity to multi asset solutions, and manage local and European as well as US, global and emerging market products.

Fixed Income

We offer access to a broad range of fixed income solutions which have been established throughout the 20 years we've been in business.

We have a wide experience and expertise all through our 11 different boutiques.
Our solutions cover all major fixed income needs: Developed and Emerging government bonds, Covered bonds, Mortgage bonds as well as US, European and Emerging Credit solutions (IG and HY). We also have specific expertise in our home markets (Denmark, Norway and Sweden). 

Innovation is essential in order to always be abreast of investors' needs, especially in the fixed income area. We have therefore developed new unconstrained products catering for the current low yield environment with either global or regional focus.


We offer a wide selection of innovative equity solutions. Our offering combines the expertise of 16 different boutiques scattered across the world. Our offer covers both global and regional bottom-up solutions for developed markets with different styles (value, growth) and capitalisation level to meet the needs of investors.

As we believe that emerging markets are essential for the future of investment products, we have also developed a unique expertise in global and Asian emerging markets and complemented that, though our multi-boutique strategy, with single-country solutions to extract additional knowledge and value (India, China).

We are constantly striving to provide new investment options to benefit specific investment themes or specific market opportunities or circumstances.

Multi Assets

Our Multi Assets team manage traditional balanced solutions for all our client types (retail, institutional) and have also developed unique outcome products to meet our customers’ needs.

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is managing risk:

  • across strategies we focus on bottom-up asset pricing and avoiding top-down approaches on business cycles.
  • we create diversification by working with asset allocation across core investment strategies/return drivers with low correlation.

Our large team of investment experts have established one of the strongest research platform across Europe. It allows to develop solutions meeting different levels of risk and to permanently innovate, a must in the current complex environment.