Data security instructions

Secure logon

User authentication

The user's identity towards Corporate Netbank is verified by loggin on using:

  • card reader without cable
  • card reader with cable
  • Nordea Codes

This logon information is personal. The card must not be handed over to any other user.

The logon information should only be entered when you are in a secure session of Nordea Corporate Netbank. Look for a padlock in the lower bar of the browser screen or to the right of the address bar in the browser. The padlock confirms the browser has an encrypted tunnel to Nordea. To be completely sure the tunnel goes to Nordea, click on the padlock and the tab Certification.

Secure data transport via the Internet

Due to the encrypted tunnel (SSL encryption) data can neither be seen nor manipulated by any unauthorised party when transferred between your browser and Nordea.

Antivirus program

Virus and other malicious software are a concrete threat to all PC users today. Virus may come from USB memory sticks (or other removable media), from e-mails or downloaded while you are on the Internet.

Always run an acknowledged antivirus program on your PC.

  • Be sure the antivirus program contains the newest virus signature files
  • If a virus attack is detected, immediately contact the persons in your company responsible for IT or IT security and avoid using the PC until the virus has been removed.

Internet browsers

Your browser and its configuration have a strong influence on your PC security. While you are on the Internet your browser may accept to run external programs, but it should not be done indiscriminately. You are advised to:

  • Use the newest version of your Internet browser
  • Configure the browser so you are requested to accept transfer of programs from the PC to the Internet or vice versa
  • Only download files from vendors whom you feel sure you can trust in terms of security
  • Only accept signed applets, ActiveX controls and other executables from trustworthy vendors or stop totally for import
  • Use the browser's standard security configuration, as a minimum.


You should always have firewall protection against insecure networks. If your PC is connected to the company's local network, a firewall usually exists between this local network and the Internet. The firewall prevents unauthorised access to the local network from the Internet.

If you do not have firewall protection like if you use a stand-alone PC, we recommend you install a personal firewall on your PC and ensure only necessary traffic is allowed.

To get access to Nordea Corporate Netbank, you should open the protocol HTTPS on port 443 in the firewall. The highest security level is obtained by only opening for traffic OUT through the port in the firewall and for example only to Nordea's URL address:

Blocking the access to Corporate Netbank

If you have lost your logon information or you suspect misuse for other reasons, the card and/or Nordea Codes app must be blocked immediately. If the card is blocked a new one must be activated. You can block both the card, ask for a new card to be activated, and block the Nordea Codes app by contacting either your administrator or one of your support contact persons in Nordea.