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Mobile payments

New mobile technology and the changing consumer expectations have become a part of many companys’ digital transformation journeys and the demand for integration mobile payments in the new digital customer journeys is increasing rapidly.

The Nordics have been a frontrunner in this journey, especially the Nordic wallets with more than 16 mio users, has become the preferred way for person-to-person transfers and are increasing rapidly in other use cases, such as online payments, in store using QR-codes, invoice payments, recurring and in-app payments.

Nordea offers a broad range of mobile payment schemes/solutions with some of the highest end-user penetration. Both the wide adopted Nordic solutions Swish, MobilePay, Vipps and Siirto as well as the global solutions from Apple Pay and Google Pay. 

Besides offering the solutions, Nordea also has subject matter experts that have more than 10 years of experience within the mobile and digital payment domain that can advise and help our customers navigate the changing payment landscape. 

Mobile payment schemes are solutions that enable consumers to pay using their mobile phone in various use-cases, such as:

  • Between user payments: Peer-to-peer transfers local in each country
  • Retail and in-store: Payments using QR-Codes or integrated in POS-terminals 
  • E-commerce: Fast and frictionless payment in online shops and in apps
  • Remote payments: Simple consumer payment for invoice, bills and/or subscriptions and recurring

Links to local mobile payment pages

Learn more about the different local merchant solutions on the local country sites


Nordea Connect - the online payments platform with all relevant payment methods in the Nordics

Nordea Connect is a direct response to our customers’ ever-evolving business needs and goals. The objective is to help them grow and evolve their business; strengthen their digital presence in a time where more and more consumers and leads are shifting to online.

We are heavily involved in developing e-commerce and giving you the online payment methods of tomorrow. We work closely with the wider payments industry to bring you value, ranging from fintechs to major card networks and local schemes operators like Swish, Siirto, Vipps and MobilePay.

 5 good reasons why you should also choose your bank as your online payments provider

With Nordea Connect, your relationship manager is also your contact for all your payments needs. This saves you time and means that our insights into your business, such as your cash management flows, finances and accounts, are always taken into consideration when helping you.

Your business is unique, so your payments possibilities should be too. Choosing Nordea Connect means choosing a flexible solution that can be adjusted to your needs.

We offer a large variety of payment options and integrate them into one all-inclusive payments platform. You can choose the ones that are relevant to your business, customers and the markets you operate in –including local payments methods such as Swish, Vipps, MobilePay or Siirto.

Not only that, but you’re free to choose the card acquirer that suits your business best. And change it when you need. Let your relationship manager help you.

With your bank as your payments service provider, you also have full visibility of every transaction, regardless of the payment method or channel used. See everything from the order and payment, through to reconciliation – in one place! It couldn’t be easier to see where a transaction may have gone wrong.

Our transaction management solution can save you both time and money – if you ask us, that’s a win-win.



As part of a bank, having in depth and up to date knowledge is in our DNA, especially when it comes to the payments landscape. We know all the ins and outs of the payments infrastructure well, and are always up to date on latest trends in payments. And being based in the Nordics, means we also have a wealth of market-specific knowledge.

Thanks to this, and our knowledge of your business and industry, we can help you ensure that your business is well-equipped for the next big thing in payments – so you can stay on par with (or ahead of) your competition.

With Nordea Connect, you can rest easy knowing that your payments service will work smoothly and securely, every time. We understand the importance of both stability and security for you and your customers – which is why we offer a payments portal that is just that.

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