Nordea Group – FATCA information

Many countries have signed an agreement with the US, called an Intergovernmental agreement (IGA). This agreement derives from the US tax legislation FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Under the agreement/law financial institutions all over the world are required to identify and report the aggregated amounts on accounts held by US persons to the local tax authorities, who report to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Under the U.S. Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Intergovernmental agreements (IGAs) the Nordea Group has registered its relevant legal entities and branches with the IRS.

Legal name


sponsoring entity

FATCA status

Nordea Bank Abp, filial i SverigeJ62U69.00000.BR.752N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Life Assurance Finland LtdJ62U69.00004.ME.246N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Private Equity Holding A/SJ62U69.00005.ME.208N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Private Equity I A/SJ62U69.00007.ME.208PWD3ZY.00000.SP.209Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Private Equity II - EU Mezz A/SJ62U69.00009.ME.208GC4K5U.00000.SP.209Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Private Equity II - EU MM Buyout A/SJ62U69.00011.ME.208EY2VW3.00000.SP.209Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Private Equity II - Global A/SJ62U69.00012.ME.20822C6D8.00000.SP.208Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Private Equity III - GLOBAL A/SJ62U69.00014.ME.2085NL784.00000.SP.209Reporting Model 1 FFI
PWM Global PE III ApSJ62U69.00016.ME.2082NA5BK.00000.SP.209Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Funds LtdJ62U69.00019.ME.246HA4YMT.00000.SP.246Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Life Holding ABJ62U69.00003.ME.752N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Livforsikringsselskapet Nordea Liv Norge ASJ62U69.00020.ME.578N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Life & Pensions Investments Norway S.à.R.LJ62U69.00018.ME.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Investment Funds S.A.J62U69.00015.ME.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Livförsäkring Sverige AB (publ)J62U69.00013.ME.752N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Bank S.A.J62U69.00010.ME.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
OOO Promyshlennaya Companiya VestkonJ62U69.00008.ME.643N/AParticipating FFI
Joint Stock Company Nordea BankJ62U69.00006.ME.643N/AParticipating FFI
Nordea Bank Abp Singapore BranchJ62U69.00000.BR.702N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Bank Abp Shanghai BranchJ62U69.00000.BR.156N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Bank Abp London BranchJ62U69.00000.BR.826N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Bank Abp Frankfurt BranchJ62U69.00000.BR.276N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Danmark, Filial af Nordea Bank Abp, FinlandJ62U69.00000.BR.276N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Bank Abp, filial i NorgeJ62U69.00000.BR.578N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Bank AbpJ62U69.00000.LE.246N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Bank S.A., Zürich BranchJ62U69.00010.BR.756N/AReporting Model 2 FFI
Nordea Bank S.A., Singapore BranchJ62U69.00010.BR.702N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Fund Management, Filial af Nordea Funds Oy, FinlandJ62U69.00019.BR.2086MLR51.00000.SP.208Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Funds Ab, Svensk filialJ62U69.00019.BR.75202YIYN.00000.SP.752Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Funds, Norwegian branchJ62U69.00019.BR.578NTZNV3.00000.SP.578Reporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea 1, SICAV0H5GAA.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Fund of Funds, SICAV8ERRC0.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Multi Label, SICAVYW6L5F.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Institutional Investment Fund, SICAV-FISNEUVGJ.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Dedicated Investment Fund, SICAV-FISHBBRAC.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Alternative Investment, SICAVNNWJMX.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea Asset Allocation Fund, FCPD0B2TH.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea International Fund, FCPXKDSG8.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI
Nordea 2, SICAV06V0C2.99999.SL.442N/AReporting Model 1 FFI

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