Secure netbanking

Surfing on the internet, using social media, accessing online banks and online shopping is becoming increasingly popular. Unfortunately cyber-criminals are also trying to benefit from the situation in the format of online fraud. Nordea maintains and develops security solutions to keep you on the safe side.

But as our customer you also have responsibility to protect your personal information and ensure that it is not misused. The more you know about online fraud - what it is and how it takes place - the better you are equipped to protect yourself from it. We have prepared these texts for you so you can read more about what you can do to protect yourself and your data against online fraud.

Secure online banking using PC

  • Keep your antivirus software and all other software updated at all times. Your device may be more vulnerable to an attack unless you continually update it. What is antivirus software?
  • Always use a firewall on your device. What is firewall?
  • Only connect to a wireless network (WiFi) that you trust. If you use a WiFi be sure to have it encrypted and restricted by a code.
  • Check that you are logging to Nordea’s netbank. You can verify the security of the website and the SSL encryption in Netbank by clicking the padlock icon in the upper or lower toolbar.
  • Learn yourself how the netbank is working. If you suspect something, ter-minate your online session and contact Nordea. Be wary of any unexpected pop-ups that appear during your online banking session.
  • Your banking credentials are personal. Never reveal your credentials (bank codes or PIN codes) to anyone. Nordea never contacts you and ask you to enter your personal and financial details.
  • Think first and click later. Be vigilant whenever handling your personal data online.
  • Don’t let anyone else use your account to do transfers.

Secure mobile banking

Nordea Mobile Bank app is for use only on phones or tablets that are not modified by so-called "jailbreaking" or "rooting".

You must keep the codes and passwords used in the app secret and never share them with others, including family, employees in Nordea or authorities. For your information, the bank employees will never ask for such information. You must not have personal passwords written down anywhere. If someone else learns your password or get hold of your personal credentials, contact us immediately. Have your mobile phone’s IMEI number written down in a safe place for speeding up possible blocking process.

If you lose your device or if it has been stolen:

  • Immediately contact your operator to block your mobile subscription.
  • In case of theft contact the police to report the crime.
  • Notify us immediately. Go to the contact page.