Secure use of cards

It is easy, fast and safe to use cards when you do your everyday shopping or buy goods or services online. Nordea's security solutions have been developed in cooperation with Visa and MasterCard, and are known as Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode.

Card is better than cash

Make use of the possibility to open and close your card for transactions such as purchases on the Internet, abroad etc. This is possible on the following cards: Visa Electron, Bankkort Visa, MasterCard Silver, Nordea Gold , MasterCard Premium, Platinum MasterCard, Nordea Black (Sweden and Finland).

General recommendations

  • Keep card and PIN code safe.
  • Never share PIN code with anybody.
  • Always block the card immediately.


  • Hold the card under surveillance when it is to be charged for the purchase and ask for the receipt.
  • Make sure the amount of purchase is correct before signing the receipt or accept with your code.

Unattended terminals (ATMs/Parking Meters/Petrol pumps)

  • Always be alert to what it looks like at the ATM/parking meter/Petrol pumps when you withdraw cash/make a payment and be careful if it looks different.
  • Hide the keys when you enter your PIN to prevent anyone from seeing it.
  • Be wary of people who want to help or give advice when you withdraw money at an ATM.


  • Make sure the online store has a secure connection, such as SSL (symbolized by a padlock). This means that the information you provide is encrypted.
  • Always keep a print /copy of your order.
  • Make sure there is a company phone number and address and information about how to complain about the purchase.
  • Never disclose your card number if you are not buying anything.
  • Never send your credit card number via open email.

Travelling etc.

  • Never leave the card in your room or in the car – make use of the hotel safety box.
  • We recommend to bring two cards when travelling in case of loss and to get maximum reach.