we.trade common trading platform

we.trade is a blockchain based trading platform that digitalises your entire trading process. It seamlessly connects your entire trade ecosystem, making trade fast, easy and transparent.

With we.trade you can conduct trade in a safe environment and can access a vast network of verified and trusted counterparties and banks. You can handle your entire trade process digitally and request financial services towards specific trades. As a buyer you can request finance for your order and pay your goods after they have arrived. As a seller you will be notified that payment is guaranteed by the financing bank on the due date, ensuring there are no payment delays. The platform also enables you to track your delivery through its entire lifecycle – ensuring full transparency between all parties.

What does we.trade offer? 

  • A trusted environment to find trade counterparties
  • Simple templates to create trade proposals/purchase orders
  • The ability to request selected financial services from banks
  • The ability to track a trade through its entire lifecycle, including delivery status
  • The ability to set payment conditions which can be agreed upon and executed in a secure network

we.trade gives you: 

  • Speedy and easy processes – avoid complex and manual paper-heavy processes, reduce time and costs
  • Automated payments – execution on the due date minimising administration
  • Increased trust and transparency - a common platform where traders are screened and verified by their banks with the possibility of following the delivery process in real-time
  • Access to bank services including invoice discounting, financing and payment guarantee
  • Optimise the use of capital – no more pre-payments limiting business possibilities with BPU (Bank Payment Undertaking) making affordable financing more available

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