Podcast: M&A: Buying high or low

Viktor Sonebäck and Johan Trocmé
19-05-13 16:38 | Nordea podcasts

Why are the Nordic countries and Europe net sellers of companies and who is buying? Why is the M&A intensity ratio lower in the Nordics than in Europe? Why is the private-equity industry so important in the Nordic region?

These and other issues are discussed in the latest Nordea On Your Mind podcast which is based on the report M&A: Buying high or low. Authors Johan Trocmé, head of Thematics at Nordea Research Insights, and Victor Sonebäck, analyst, have looked at mergers & acquisition transactions dating back to 2005.

Based on data available from public deals the authors have been able to draw conclusions about the overall activity, which comprises about 8 200 transactions per year in the European region. The annual rate of mergers & acquisitions in the Nordic region stands at about 1 200 annually.

Learn more by listening to the podcast M&A: Buying high or low by Nordea Market Insights Global.

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