Popular employer among Nordic students

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15-06-02 15:11 | About Nordea

When 18,000 business students in the Nordics were asked about where they would like to work, Nordea was the fourth most popular employer. Universum’s annual ranking of attractive employers also puts Nordea in the top among companies in the financial sector. 

The survey is delivered by the global employer branding company Universum, which on an annual basis asks Nordic students about their career and work life expectations as well as employer preferences. The survey has been open for participation between September 2014 and March 2015 and students from the top universities in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden have replied.

Top 10 ideal employers in the Nordics 2015 (ranking from last year in bracket):

1.   L’Oréal Group (3)

2.   Ernst & Young (1)

3.   PricewaterhouseCoopers (2)

4.   Nordea (4)

5.   McKinsey & Company (7)

6.   The Boston Consulting Group (9)

7.   Microsoft (6)

8.   IKEA (10)

9.   Deloitte (8)

10. KPMG (5)

Read more and see the complete ranking on Universum’s webpage