Brand new solutions and energy from Nordea Startup Accelerator

The Accelerator participants in Stockholm
16-11-01 15:06 | Digital banking | About Nordea

The Nordea Startup Accelerator programme aims to increase our speed of innovation and find new services to offer to our customers, with the help of startups. The programme has now reached midterm with six more weeks to go. 

The companies chosen for the programme are in various stages of maturity and in different fields, although mostly within the fintech sector. They all contribute with new influences and perspectives to the bank. The 14 teams moved into Nordea’s headquarters in Stockholm and Helsinki six weeks ago, full of energy and high expectations. 

- Working alongside these startups is not just inspiring, it’s helping us to learn about their attitudes to technology, their different working styles and their approach to the digital world, says Ewan Macleod, Chief Digital Officer at Nordea. 

The Accelerator participants in Finland

The startups in the programme are working closely with their dedicated mentors from both Nestholma and Nordea. The mentors help the startups find their way through the organisation and introducing them to people that can develop and have input to their business. So far two tests of new services are being conducted among Nordea employees, and a third test, a pilot with customers, will take place soon. 

- Nordea has given us access to a great network of people, and a great motivation to accelerate our business development. We have been given knowledge of best practice of building a startup and the training in the programme has been very relevant and informative. The validation from Nordea as a large company and Nestholma as an experienced accelerator driver has been very useful, says Daniel Bessmert, founder of Zash, located in Stockholm for 12 weeks. Zash helps retailers lower operational costs and increase sales revenues, by digitising the interactions and transactions with their customers. 

Nordea can benefit in many ways by collaborating with startups, not only by absorbing the agile ways of working and inspiration to keep developing innovations internally. But also by being able to offer brand new and possibly ground breaking services or products to customers at a rapid pace if and when it fits our customers. 

- The main idea of teaming up with the startups is to explore how we through partnerships can deliver great innovative services faster to our customers, instead of developing them all by ourselves. We have also found great new solutions that can increase the efficiency of our internal processes, so the Accelerator provides new insight in so many ways, says Jan Sirich, responsible for the Nordea Accelerator programme.

The final day of the programme is the Demo Day, 29 November in Helsinki, where all startups will be invited to pitch their companies to an audience of investors, mentors, Nordea partners and leaders from around the company.

Read more about the 14 startups.

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