Podcast: Is less really more when it comes to investing?

20-01-31 16:04 | Businesses

Less may be more in terms of architecture, interior design and accessories, but is it really relevant in terms of capital expenditure?

Nordea’s thematics research team continues to study the different ways companies spend their money. After previously looking at the different ways companies can do payouts, Johan Trocmé and Viktor Sonebäck now turn their focus to capital expenditure.

Some of the questions they seek answers to are why capex has fallen in recent years and if companies should even be using their funds for investments? Their findings about the relationship between share price development and a high capex to sales ratio may cause some raised eyebrows.

Don’t miss this latest Nordea On Your Mind podcast Is less really more when it comes to investing?

Trocmé Sonebäck liten

Chief Analyst Johan Trocmé and Analyst Vikor Sonebäck from our Thematic Research team.

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