Close race, different market scenarios

The White House, USA
20-10-19 12:10 | Markets and investments

The high degree of uncertainty reduces the outcome of the upcoming US election to a binary gamble, argues the Nordic House View team in Nordea’s Investment Center in their second release in a series of thematic strategies (pdf, 284 KB) aiming to provide easily executable strategies based on short term opportunities in the investment markets. 

Antti_Saari_005 232x155“There are times where markets present us with investment opportunities which require quick and deliberate action. It is our hope that this new publication allow more customers to execute on these strategies, where the investment window is quite narrow, and ultimately gain superior returns” says Antti Saari, head of the House View team in Wealth Management.

Currently the House View Team sees opportunities around the upcoming US presidential election for clients with a strong conviction around the outcome. 

Read also this article on what to expect from the election from Nordea’s chief analyst Jan von Gerich.

Nordea’s House View Team

The House View team conducts Nordea’s market views, resulting in concrete investment advice for our customers and advisors. The team plays a crucial role in Nordea’s communication around market views towards our customers and advisors.

The new line of publication is targeted towards more hands-on customers which have expressed a desire for strategies that allow them to take advantage of short term opportunities. 

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