Coronavirus: Plan B

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20-09-16 17:55 | Economic outlook | Nordea podcasts

Capital markets have rebounded from the COVID-19 shock, and consensus forecasts expect 2021 to be even better than the pre-pandemic 2019. Could the pandemic be resolved by a vaccine or therapy next year, or will we need to live with COVID-19 for longer, and accept that it continues to burden the economy? 

In the latest report from our Nordea Thematics research team we are exploring how well corporates are equipped to face a more challenging 2021 and 2022 if consensus forecasts are too optimistic, and if there is a need for a contingency plan. It could take time to get back to normal, and the new normal could be different from the old one. Corporates should have a plan B to ensure they can cope with the journey there, is the message from our experts.

Listen to Johan Trocmé, director at Nordea Thematics, and Viktor Sonebäck, associate at Nordea Thematics, when they talk about this and more in the latest Nordea On Your Mind podcast.

Read more in their article: Coronavirus: Plan B - Hope for the best, prepare for the worst 

If you are a corporate customer and want to access the full report, please contact Viktor Sonebäck.


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