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21-01-27 16:00 | About Nordea

Nordea’s privacy policy has been updated as part of our annual review process. The policy describes the collection, usage, storage and sharing practices of personal data. It also describes the rights that the individual has under General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  

Our privacy policy has been updated to give a better understanding of how we use personal data. The following updates have been made:  

  • The language has been clarified and thus made easier to read 
  • We have updated the information about the personal data that is collected, the purposes of the collection and the lawful basis for collecting it.  

You can read the privacy policy in full length here and we have also sampled some of the most frequent questions about the privacy policy below: 


Q: What is the privacy policy?
A: The privacy policy describes what kind of information Nordea collects and uses, the purposes for doing so and on what lawful basis. The policy also describes who we share the information with and how long the information is retained. Also, the policy describes what rights an individual has in relation to their information and how to exercise them.  

Q: Why has the privacy policy been updated?
A: An annual review of the policy is conducted to make sure that the content is relevant and up to date, so that we are transparent towards our customers and visitors to our channels.  

Q: What has been updated?
A: Our privacy policy has been updated to give you a better understanding of how we use personal data. In addition, we have made changes to present our practices in a way that is easy to read. 

The updates include:  

  • Clarified information about phone recordings. 
  • Clarification about the periods for retaining personal data, e.g. how long personal data can be stored. 
  • Update about anonymizing and aggregating personal data for statistical purposes.  
  • A description about how we analyse the use of Nordea’s social media channels has been added.   

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