Sustainable funds: Nordea in European top league

Eric Pedersen
20-05-15 13:17 | Markets and investments | Sustainability

Nordea Asset Management is in the European top league of preferred providers of sustainable funds.

A new European report from the independent research- and ranking-company Morningstar states that Nordea Asset Management (NAM) is in the top 10 list, placed 7, of best-selling asset managers within sustainable funds. 

“This is the combination of us being recognized as a manager who is committed to ESG, strong investment performance, and having a broad enough offering in the ESG space to cover different client interests, ” says Eric Pedersen, head of Responsible Investments in NAM, explaining that ESG is short for the environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria that are a set of standards for a company's operations.

Among the 2526 sustainable funds offered in Europe you also find a Nordea fund among the 10 best selling products: The Nordea-1 Climate & Environment Fund. 

Resilience of sustainable investing 

The report covering the first quarter of 2020 shows the resilience of investing sustainable during times of crisis. During the quarter when the coronavirus crisis impacted savings and investments, the sustainable funds offered in Europe attracted new investments of EUR 30 billion. This compares with a total outflow of EUR 148 billion for the overall European fund universe.

“I really do believe that the ESG ‘wave’ is a long-term regime change, not just a fad, and that we are only just seeing the beginning. There are indications that the nature of the corona crisis is actually making people even more focused on what has traditionally been called non-financial risks,” Eric Pedersen says. 

Strong internationally 

The strong position in Europe reflects that not only Nordea customers in the Nordic markets are offered Nordea sustainable funds. NAM distributes the funds across Europe – and globally - to institutional clients and other banks offering their clients sustainable funds from Nordea.  And NAM manages large institutional mandates on sustainable investments as well. 

Morningstar ranking table 450

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