Corporate banking made easier with new digital banking solution

19-06-17 15:24 | Digital banking

Nordea launches the Nordea Business digital bank solution aimed at making day-to-day banking easy and seamless for our small and mid-sized corporate customers. The new solution will be continuously developed, with feedback from users as an important source of inspiration. The roll-out has currently started in Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

Key features of the Nordea Business include easy daily banking functionalities that offer interaction with experts through secure chat and online meetings. A new local feature in Sweden is that customers are now able to use the digital bank to apply for a new, or an increase of an existing, overdraft facility. Nordea Business also signed its first third-party solution agreement, providing our customers with access to the accounting program Nordea Bookkeping.

“We wanted to create an easy-to-use solution with a modern look and feel, with functionalities and improvements that have been based on customer feedback. To make our staff and expertise instantly available for example, we added the chat and meeting functions. We will continue to listen to our customers via the built-in feedback system and add relevant updates to Nordea Business on a regular basis”, said Product Manager Christian Eriksen Sebber.

Nordea Business replaces the current local corporate net banks, cutting the number of platforms to one from five as Sweden has two separate solutions. Creating a common platform with some features specifically adapted for the local markets will speed up the launch of new functionality and cut costs for development and implementation. The new Nordea Business is available to all new small and mid-size corporate customers in Sweden as of 21 May. Currently about 100 000 customers have adopted Nordea Business in Sweden.

“Nordea Business is a big step-up from the old net bank and is easy to navigate”, said Carl-Magnus Ullman, CEO of Ullman Dynamics AB, who participated in the co-creation of Nordea Business. He also said the new digital bank is a proof point of Nordea having come a long way on its digital development journey.

An Open Beta version of Nordea Business is currently offered to the majority of our Danish corporate customers. The Finnish market is next and a pilot went live the first week of June. Pilot customers are approached based on the functionalities they are currently using in the existing net bank.

Nordea Business will replace the following local Netbanks during 2019-2020:
• Internetbanken Företag and Företagstjänster via Internet in Sweden
• Netbank Erhverv in Denmark
• Classic Netbank in Finland
• Netbank Bedrift in Norway

Nordea has over 358 000 local existing net bank customers in total in the Nordic markets.

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