Nordea has extended instalment-free periods for business loans to six months

20-04-01 18:42 | Businesses | About Nordea

Nordea has decided to extend the instalment-free periods for business loans from three months to six months.

On 13 March Nordea communicated that we offer personal customers and business customers an instalment-free period of up to six months on their mortgages. For small and medium-sized companies, we previously offered a 3-month instalment-free period for business loans. This period has been extended from three to six months.

Nordea has extended the instalment-free period as companies now have an acute need to safeguard their finances for the coming months and as we do not have a precise estimate of the duration of the coronavirus epidemic and of its long-term consequences for companies. This way we aim to help companies focus on their business and its continuity.

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