Chinese economy is solid but major events and a trade war can change that

15-03-17 16:07 | Nordea podcasts | Nordea podcasts

Growth stability is top priority, and even more crucial than ever. That's what Chinese government officials stressed at the annual National People's Congress (NPC). Why is stability so crucial for economic policy this year? Which measures will be used to stimulate growth and fuel an investment boom? Chief analyst Amy Yuan Zhuang, our expert in Asian economies located in Singapore, elaborates on the highlights of the year’s congress, and brings you an overview of the state of the Chinese economy, which currently is in good shape with growth tailwinds. Hear why Amy thinks the positive sentiment won’t last long, and learn about the impact of a government reshuffle, about the biggest risk for China this year, and how a trade war and an upcoming Hong Kong election could trigger the financial markets.

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