Stress test confirms Nordea’s strong position

10-07-23 18:28 | Press release

The results of the CEBS's stress test of European banks confirm Nordea's strong balance sheet and capital position.

The Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) today published the result of the EU-wide stress test of the banking system. Nordea was one of 91 European banks to participate. The result of the stress test confirms that Nordea is well capitalised with a Tier 1 ratio well above requirements. It is in practice unchanged from the starting position and does not go below 10% in any of the scenarios. The tier 1 ratio is defined according to the CEBS definition of risk-weighted assets including transition rules.

- Nordea stands strong and solid with a practically unaffected Tier 1 ratio and continued profits even under the most pessimistic scenario. This confirms the outcome of previously made stress tests conducted both by us and external organisations, says Christian Clausen, Group CEO of Nordea.

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