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16-12-01 11:25 | Digital banking | The Digital Hub

I can’t get lost anymore. I tried last week when I was in Denmark. But Google maps has integrated public transport timetables, maps, GPS and more, making it difficult for us to get lost these days. Being pre-millennial (by a good margin), I remember well how things were a couple of decades ago. Searching for information today is a breeze. 

Although it’s only been more or less 10 years since the world of smartphone apps took off, new services have advanced at a mind-blowing pace, constantly giving us new ways of doing things. Changes in business logic, such as Airbnb or Tesla presenting its idea of using your car as a taxi when you’re not using it yourself, are really disrupting habits.

Combining and using data in ways we haven’t seen before results in new dimensions that help us enhance our lives. This is happening everywhere, in all industries. At the same time, the borders between computers and smaller devices are fading. Things that before required tons of information (we thought) on a computer screen are now easily done on a toy-sized mobile phone. In many ways, I find that I prefer the phone way of doing things. It’s simpler, quicker and can be done anywhere

When developing services for phones, bright brains have figured out how to do a big part of the job for me, cutting down on the hassle. That’s what most people want, and expect. 

As the fintech trend gains momentum, new ways of combining data will make our lives easier so that we can make smarter and more direct decisions. We’ve seen this happen with travel, hotels and restaurants. Fintech is one of the industries where we will see big changes in the future, with huge improvements for the customer. 

At the end of the day, the best experience, relevance and ease of use will prevail. That’s why we at Nordea constantly need to innovate. We’re doing this in many ways. One of them is the Nordea startup accelerator programme that I’m working with, which you can read more about here: This programme enables us to open up to new ideas and collaborate with selected startups, the majority of them fintech companies. We’re learning a lot and ultimately will also be able to offer new services to our customers.

We need to do this in everyday life as well, and this is what digitalization is all about. We at Nordea must – and will – deliver the digital services that are needed; otherwise, somebody else will.  

/Olov Brandt, responsible for the Nordea Accelerator in Sweden.

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