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16-12-08 14:07 | Digital banking | The Digital Hub

We are heading into a highly connected future. People, locations, items/gadgets/products – everything is connected in ecosystems to interact. Light up, advise, warn, alert, explain, prove, think – help me as an individual to act and make the right decision in time. We will always be moving in various ecosystems (the home, workplace, school, city, preschool, healthcare, elderly care, traffic, etc.). It is the ecosystems combined that will drive developments forward. They will interact through data, algorithms and experience – we all help each other by sharing experiences. All to identify causal links – enlighten us about new, valuable insights. In simplified terms, the ecosystems will help us make the right decisions that improve our lives and create a better world at the same time.

I’m the optimist who sees digital innovation as the road to creating a better future – for everyone; a future where we can all have better healthcare faster, tailored forms of education, the right advice about health, when we find out the cause of diseases and can prevent them spreading in time, etc.

Everything revolves around the needs of the individual – we want to live smarter and safer. We expect more availability, better and smarter services. We want to spend our energy on what we ourselves feel to be important in life. Through life’s different stages and situations, digital elements will support us. The future will therefore need secure entities that want, and are bold enough, to assume responsibility for these developments. The power of data, algorithms and experience must be used for a good purpose. The EU’s data protection law is a great regulation, meaning that the individuals own their personal data. Every company are borrowing the data in order to fulfil the purpose: make the power of my data in a safe manner, use it to the benefit of society and let me utilize the findings – If so, I will let you keep control over my data. If we disagree to that, we all have a problem; the great future is about sharing and trust. We can all contribute for a better world and we need to be a part of that.

In my role as head of innovation at Nordea Life & Pensions, I find these developments very interesting indeed. Our licence to operate rests on ensuring that our customers and their families are safely taken care of today, tomorrow and in the future – throughout all stages in life, no matter how the world evolves. Our vision is to ensure the creation of win-win-win situations for our customers, society and ourselves so that we contribute to a better future. We will have a place in the ecosystems in which you move – not to keep track of you, but so that we may help you.

/Anton Fjällström, Head of Innovation Nordea Life & Pension Sweden
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