A Box Full of Save Icons

17-01-20 9:15 | Digital banking | The Digital Hub

I can’t remember where I saw this: I think it was on Facebook – a friend of a friend. He was tidying up his garage with his young son and was surprised when his son exclaimed, “Look Dad! A box full of save icons!” 

He was referring to a collection of his dad’s rather old 3.5” floppy disks. I did have to smile.

Remember those floppy disks? 

Goodness me time moves fast. Last week I was in the car with my 6 year old who was thoroughly confused by the point of the car radio. 

“So there’s a man somewhere playing music for us?” 

“That’s right Archie,” I replied. 

“But I don’t like the music,” Archie responded. 

He was totally dissatisfied. He couldn’t understand why we were even bothering, such are his expectations. If the radio isn’t playing music that he wanted to listen to, then it’s not working as far as he is concerned. 

He’s grown up in a world where he controls everything. He tells Alexa what to play. He browses the Apple TV selection. He regularly scans the App Store for new apps to buy. 

He is keen to listen to new music, as long as he likes it. That’s the real challenge: Get the selection wrong – or disappoint them with a ‘page not found’ error and it’s fascinating to see how little patience he and his peers have. There’s a special form of outrage that my boys and their friends hold for the ‘buffering video’ icon. 

They’ve never lifted a telephone receiver and found no dial tone. In fact, most of them have probably never used a physical landline telephone. 

They are accustomed to being served perfectly and continually without error or exception. 

And when an error or exception occurs, I’m fascinated by the way they simply dump the whole platform. If the Apple TV stops working, for whatever reason, they’re straight-away on to the Amazon Fire TV box. 

It’s my responsibility as a parent to continually reframe these assumptions and behaviours,  however the path is clear for the future: The next generation will be extremely demanding. 

There’s no time to wait though: I want exciting, intuitive and smart digital banking services now! We’re working hard to re-engineer our end-to-end digital service for the 24/7 now generation. And if you’d like a quick flavour, check out our newly launched Crowdfunding Platform in Finland. We’re the first bank in the Nordics to offer this service. Whoop! 

/Ewan Macleod, Chief Digital Officer at Nordea.
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