Adapting to a new meeting landscape

17-05-29 12:41 | Digital banking | The Digital Hub

You can video-call your friend on the other side of the world, and you’ve been holding telephone conferences at work for years. The landscape of how we interact has changed, and continues to do so. As a bank, we need to adapt too. 

So, just over a year ago, we started holding online meetings with our customers – the advisor and the customer meet over a PC or tablet, using video, audio and a shared screen.  

An online meeting requires a different type of meeting discipline than a physical meeting. How many of you have been in meeting at work and found it hard to concentrate?  Well, unfortunately I have to raise my hand here.  Many of us might think it’s easier to explain something to someone who is sitting right across the table. But, it’s a matter of mindset, practice and experience. At an online meeting we have to use our voice, presentation skills and even our brand images in a new way. 

We can see that the convenience of online meetings is appreciated by many. There’s a tremendous benefit in being able to hold the meeting anywhere – from the office, home, the sofa, holiday home or even the other side of the world. Customers can even have meetings with us in the evening and in some cases also at the weekend. All they need is a computer or tablet with internet access. 

An initial reaction might be that it’s not a very personal way of talking to your bank advisor, but since we’re sharing a screen and can see each other on the webcam, our customers find it more personal than they had envisaged. This type of meeting is gaining popularity – during the first quarter this year more than one in three meetings in Sweden were held online (a number that is growing). 

As I wrote above, we’re a year into our online meeting journey and we know that we’re not perfect in this discipline yet. Sometimes the technical equipment presents challenges, or the customer fails to attend. Most of the time, however, things go smoothly, and we’re learning on the job. 

Don’t forget that the whole point of having multiple choices in how to interact with the bank is so that the customer can decide.  It’s up to you – what suits your life best?

/Petra Furendal, working with the Online meeting concept at Nordea.

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