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Two years ago, Nordea ran its first Startup Accelerator to get help and find new solutions for our customers. In many ways it was a milestone

Getting suggestions, ideas and solutions and collaborating with new partners – it was obvious that this was the way forward. And it sure worked: looking back at the first programme we could see how it created engagement in our organisation. 

We were exposed to new ways of working and acknowledged the need for speed. At the same time, we also learnt where we can improve and engage our employees even more.

This was for external teams. But don’t we have good ideas and people internally as well? The answer is easy: of course we have. So we started Nordea Runway – an intrapreneur program. 

Not Entrepreneurs, but intrapreneurs
Nordea Runway is our intrapreneur programme. In Nordea Runway we invited our colleagues to form teams and come up with ideas for new business opportunities. The teams with the best potential will leave their daily work for three months to validate their idea. It is no vacation; teams are expected to work and act as a startup – learn and adjust fast.

In less than a month, well over 100 teams stepped up and accepted the challenge. The quality and amount of applications was extraordinary, making the task to select the top 10 ideas very tough. 

Monday, March 6, Nordea at its best – the result
Pitches by the top 10 finalists impressed, as well the organisers, the audience as the jury, Nordea’s executive management. The teams demonstrated passion and courage from the stage when they delivered well-rehearsed and sharp presentations. All teams focused on specific banking customer challenges, had done research on their idea and were able to explain how they were planning to attack the challenge.

It was not easy for the Runway jury to select the three teams that have the biggest potential. But finally the selection was done.

We are super keen to follow the winner´s journey, but equally excited for all the ideas and teams that applied to the first Runway programme. We know there is a huge potential in Nordea and with Runway we have created one more arena for our people to be passionate about their work. In the end that is what it takes to serve our customers even better.

Be the best you can be, whatever you do.

We will share more about Nordea Runway during the spring and promise to keep it real with good and bad.

Nordea Runway Winners

The winning teams at Nordea Runway - fully backed by Nordea’s Group Executive Management. 

/Arto Kulha & Liina Aagedal

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