Nordea Connect – Online payments made simple

Erik Zingmark
Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking.
18-05-08 11:55 | Product updates | Digital banking | Awards and organisational news | The Digital Hub

Nordea Connect is our new payment solution that improves the online buying experience for both consumers and merchants. Now it’s easier than ever to pay and get paid! 

Fast and secure, Nordea Connect is not just about creating better payment experiences, it’s also about creating better merchants by giving them a simple user-friendly way of operating. This is an important step towards creating a groundbreaking online payment solution that helps merchants to grow their e-commerce business.

Happy customers
For online consumers, our goal is to make payments as painless as possible and give them an even better shopping experience. With Nordea Connect, they can choose the payment method they desire: Swish, Siirto, ePayments (Finland) and all major bankcards are accepted. 

Our new solution is quick and easy to use, with saved payment information making it more likely that repeat purchases can be made at the same merchant. Importantly for consumer peace of mind, the paying process is handled by our well-known, trustworthy brand. 

Happy merchants
Nordea Connect provides an opportunity for merchants to add value to the critical final step in the selling process. Allowing consumers to pay the way they want removes obstacles to sales and increases conversion rates. Accepting payments through a trusted brand strengthens credibility in an area of e-commerce where the consumer requires maximum reliability.

Nordea Connect makes it easy for merchants to have all of the payments they receive sent directly to their Nordea account. The portal streamlines processes and introduces simplified administration that provides a convenient way to manage tasks such as consumer refunds.

A new chapter
Nordea Connect is now launched in Sweden and Finland, with launch plans for Denmark and Norway later this year. In the near future the solution will also offer powerful analytics tools for merchants so they can see the spending patterns of their customers and identify opportunities for growth.  

Nordea Connect is the start of a very exciting new chapter for Nordea and is an important milestone in fulfilling our ambition of providing cutting edge payment solutions. We are delighted to be able to meet the demands from the market for smart and easy tools for consumers to pay and for merchants to be paid! 

/Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking

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