Why a bot can make customers more satisfied

Mattias Fras, Head of AI Strategy & Acceleration.
18-12-12 14:58 | Digital banking | The Digital Hub

“By 2021, more than 50% of all enterprises will be spending more per annum on bots and chatbot creations than traditional mobile app developments” Gartner’s top 10 predictions, October 2017.

Nordea has embarked on that exact journey and welcomed Nova to our team in 2017. Nova is Nordea’s virtual agent. She understands and gives answers to frequently asked questions from our customers and colleagues on a wide variety of topics. 

Virtual agents take the robot out of the human

Our customers’ expectations of support and service are changing rapidly, where both accessibility and availability are two guiding principles. The benefits realized by a virtual assistant satisfy both these criteria. First of all, Nova is easily accessible from Nordea’s Nordic pages alleviating the customer of the potentially painstaking task of browsing the webpages. In Finland, Nova is the first point of contact for customers in mobile and net bank and our customer service agents are already now noticing the impact in reduced volumes allowing them to spend more time on serving our customers with more complex errands.

An added benefit is Nova is available both day and night to answer customer queries, offering instant replies and answers. 

Stay chatty

The objective for Nova is stay conversational on the right level, like conversation you could have over a cup of coffee with your neighbor, on topics which are quite detailed, such as terms and conditions and customer balance and historical details. 

Of course, humans still play a vital role in serving customers. Rather than replacing humans, Nova complements our employees. We call it “taking the robot out of the human” letting our people handle the complicated cases and the virtual agent to take on the simpler questions.  This allows for a reduced waiting time, compromising the thorough investigation of complicated cases. Additionally, the technology behind Nova can provide new, direct and powerful customer insights, which we at Nordea can leverage to create even better offerings for our customers. 

Building virtual agents (and much more…)

Ultimately, the purpose and vision of Nova is to enable brilliant customer and user experience in banking and beyond. Today Nova is a digital experience focusing on guiding customer and employees to resolve simple enquiries. The vision is for Nova to become an end-to-end digital banking experience, providing customer centric advice and recommendations. Supporting customer and employees with information and actions, realising aachievements by continuing to develop Nova, chasing both value and learnings throughout the process.

Check out Nova in Sweden here

Check out Nova in Norway here 

Check out Nova in Denmark here - click on icon on the right

Check out Nova in Finland here - click on icon on the right


Nova Virtuall Assistant

/Mattias Fras, Head of AI Strategy & Acceleration.

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