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17-10-02 12:48 | Digital banking | The Digital Hub

October has arrived and with it comes autumn rains and colder weather, but also the European Cyber Security Month. Cyber security may sound boring, but trust us, the more you know about it the more you can protect yourself and your family

How could you take part in the Cyber Security Month? A good place to start is to evaluate you own cyber security skills. Are you cyber smart? Think about your online presence and what others can find out about you. Are you sharing too much? It is not a good idea to share your date and place of birth or your personal contact information. If you are sharing photos online, go through them to see if they show things they shouldn’t, such as where you live. How safe are your passwords? Remember to use numbers and symbols as well as upper and lower case letters and don’t recycle passwords or use obvious name and number combinations such as your children’s names or your date of birth. 

Have a chat with your parents and kids and help them learn the necessary skills to stay safe online. You can also test your skills and join events near you at

The history of October as an awareness month goes back to 2004 when the National Cyber Security Awareness Month was commenced in the United States. ENISA, a European Union agency, followed suit and piloted the European Cyber Security Month in 2012. This year, the cyber security month is celebrating its 5th anniversary. The aim of this campaign month is to highlight the importance of information security and show simple steps that everyone can take to stay safe online. ENISA has weekly topics in its campaign that help to highlight the various parts of cyber security. The month kicks off with cyber security in the work place, followed by governance, privacy and data protection. The second half of the month focuses on cyber security at home and skills in cyber security. 

Information security is of course of the highest importance for a bank like Nordea, which is why we are taking part in the European Cyber Security Month. This year we are organising various events to raise awareness among customers and the public in general in all the Nordic countries. In Sweden, there will be a seminar about social engineering with speakers from Facebook and Microsoft among others. In Norway, Nordea is a gold sponsor of the Norwegian Cyber Security Month, taking an active role in educating companies about fraud. While in Finland, we would like to bring cyber security to the public’s attention through open events held in public libraries. 

/Nordea Fraud Awareness Team

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