Sustainability: Nordea wants to lead the way together with corporates and investors to create lasting change

Responsible investment

Companies that work responsibly and with a long-term approach in environmenta...

Magdalena Kettis 2017

Stamp of approval for EU’s sustainable finance efforts

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Europe's financial leaders welcome EU actions on sustainable finance.

mathias leijon sustainable finance nordea

The time for ESG is now

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Mathias Leijon, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking at Nordea, on why ES...

Sasja Beslik sustainable finance

Nordea is going clean

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Interview with Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance at Nordea

Sasja Beslik WEF quote March 2017

The finance world’s short-termism will destroy our communities, economies and the planet

Responsible investment

Unless we learn from the mistakes of the past and start focusing on more than...

Responsible Investments Annual Report 2016

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It is our pleasure to present the Nordea Asset Management Annual Responsible...