Nordea and the environment

Plant in hands

A better future for all

We aim to reduce negative – and increase positive – environmental impacts in our own operations (our ‘direct’ impacts), as well as those arising from our supply chain and our investment and lending practices (our ‘indirect’ impacts).

In support of our commitment to tackling environmental issues, we participate in the United Nations Global Compact, and are signatories to the United Nations Environment Programme Banking Principles and the Equator Principles for project finance. We also disclose our carbon emissions annually to the CDP.

Environmental issues, such as climate change, present challenges for all businesses including Nordea. Our customers increasingly expect us to offer them a range of products and services – such as screened investment funds – that acknowledge their environmental concerns. And as prudent investors ourselves, we need to protect the value of our assets and consider environmental risks in our investment decisions. Furthermore, people want to work for a company that takes these issues seriously.

Taking a sustainable approach to managing our environmental impacts is the right thing to do. It builds trust with our customers, employees and other stakeholders, while also protecting the future health of the business.