Stronger Sustainable Selection offering with launch of balanced funds

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19-12-04 12:29 | Responsible business | Our work

Nordea has now an even stronger sustainable savings offering to the customers. Our new balanced funds launched in November are the first of their kind at Nordea, mixing sustainable equities and fixed income investments.

“The new Sustainable Balanced Funds are an outstanding alternative to our customers who are interested in saving sustainably and wish to leave their savings in the hands of professionals”, says Sara Mella, Acting Head of Personal Banking.

Sara Mella, Acting Head of Personal Banking

“Balanced funds are popular savings products, and we expect significant inflows also to the new sustainable ones. These long-awaited funds complement our Sustainable Selection product family – a family we believe will have a strong impact on the Nordic markets via our millions of customers."

Over 250,000 Nordea customers have been asked in their advisory sessions about their willingness to invest in products with enhanced focus on sustainability. More than a quarter of Nordic household and private banking customers have given a positive answer, and the trend has started to strengthen towards the end of the year.

Maria Rengefors
Maria Rengefors, Head of Nordea Funds’ Swedish Branch.

“We have seen an increase in our customers’ interest in responsible investments and sustainability.  Although we have many good options within Nordea’s Sustainable Selection, many customers are asking for an all-in-one solution and help when it comes to balancing equity and fixed-income investments. It feels great to now be able to offer that!”, says Maria Rengefors, Head of Nordea Funds’ Swedish Branch. 

What is Sustainable Selection?

Sustainable Selection only includes our leading sustainable investment and savings products. These products are building blocks to well-diversified sustainable portfolios recommended to customers who are interested in sustainable investments. 

Three risk/return profiles

Sustainable Balanced Funds are one-fund solutions offering easy access with just one investment to a ready-made, well diversified sustainable portfolio. The funds are available for the three most popular risk/return profiles: Moderate , Balanced and Growth. The weight between equities and fixed income instruments varies between the profiles.

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