Stars Funds


The Stars empower investors to make a difference by investing in responsible companies

As part of Nordea Asset Management’s ambition to deliver returns with responsibility, we have created a family of investment funds under the Stars brand.

In the Stars funds, we proactively select high-quality ESG* companies rather than negatively screening out poor ESG industries. We do this through a combination of ESG analysis, company dialogues, thematic research, engagement and field trips. 

The analysis is conducted in-house for every potential investment and updated annually for the Stars holdings to ensure high quality.

The core elements of the ESG research and analysis are devised to provide insight and understanding in terms of overall governance structure regarding management of relevant ESG aspects, how companies address and manage the most material ESG risks and opportunities with respect to their key stakeholders, and how companies position their products or services in relation to broader sustainability megatrends. Read more about ESG or watch the video. 

The Stars concept is about finding tomorrow’s winners 

We believe that awareness of and adaptability to ESG challenges will form a key enabler for a company to survive the sustainability challenges ahead. 

In that sense, the Stars concept is all about finding tomorrow’s winners, which – from our point of view – will be companies with sustainable business models and the ability to conduct their business responsibly in relation to their stakeholders – employees, suppliers, customers, investors and society at large alike.

Note that a fund’s past performance is no guarantee of future return. The value of fund units may rise or fall due to market movements, and it is not certain that investors will get back the entire amount they invested. Comprehensive information regarding Nordea’s funds is available in the key investor information documents and information brochures for the funds. Key investor information documents, information brochures and full-year and interim reports are available at and Nordea branches. This material is only intended as general product information. It should not be regarded as investment advice or a recommendation to invest, and should not be used as a basis for investment decisions. Investors should always read a fund’s key investor information document and information brochure/prospectus, and contact a Nordea branch prior to investing in a fund.