Nordea moving towards a carbon neutral future

17-11-03 11:32 | Our work

Less traveling, paperless offices, reduced waste and digital subscriptions. Nordea is currently looking into multiple ways of reducing our carbon footprint. In the meantime we have become carbon neutral by offsetting the remaining emissions from our direct operations and supporting low carbon sustainable development in Vietnam and Malawi. And all energy used in our buildings is renewable.


Climate change is one of the most significant challenges facing humankind. Nordea must take steps to reduce carbon emissions. We are committed to a carbon neutral future and our ambition is visible in three different ways.


First, we strive to reduce emissions generated from our direct operations. New travel guidelines, a printing policy, reduction of waste, digital subscriptions and a reduction in paper documentation sent to customers are examples of ongoing activities to reduce emissions. Compared to 2016 we have in 2017 (Jan-Sep) sent about 15 million fewer letters to customers – a reduction of 23 percent. This corresponds to approximately 2,000 fewer trees being used and approximately 100 fewer tons of CO2 being emitted and is an important step towards Nordea becoming a paperless office.

Second, we source 100% renewable energy to power our business operations.

Third, for the remaining unavoidable emissions, in 2017 we have continued with the offsetting activities we have done since 2015.


Through our offset program we are able to support projects in Vietnam and Malawi. Both projects contribute to sustainable development in several areas such as energy access, financial security, education and skills - making them a perfect fit for Nordea. The funds they receive from organisations like Nordea offsetting emissions are critical to ensuring these projects are financially viable.


The combination of measures ensures that Nordea has a program certified to meet CarbonNeutral® company status, an international standard for carbon neutrality.  Our certification is in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol which is used to certify businesses all over the world.



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