Nordea’s rights offering oversubscribed

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08.04.09 11:00 | Lehdistötiedote | Rights issue 2009

The preliminary calculation of the outcome of Nordea’s rights offering shows an aggregated subscription of approximately 1,836 million shares, with and without preferential rights. Compared to a total of approximately 1,430 million shares offered, this represents a total subscription level of 128.4%. Since the rights offering is oversubscribed the underwriting guarantees will not be utilised.

Of the total shares offered, 98.8% were subscribed for with subscription rights. Approximately 423 million shares were subscribed for without subscription rights. New shares subscribed for without subscription rights will be allocated to those that subscribed by exercise of subscription rights, according to principles described in the prospectus.

The final outcome of the rights offering is expected to be announced on or around 17 April 2009.

“We are very satisfied with the strong support that both new and existing shareholders are showing us, with regards to both the rationale for the rights offering and our strategic direction, including the special emphasis on cost and risk management”, said Christian Clausen, Nordea’s President and Group Chief Executive Officer.

As a result of the rights offering, the number of ordinary shares will increase by 1,430,059,524 shares to 4,030,167,751 shares and the share capital will increase by EUR 1,430,059,524 to
EUR 4,030,167,751.

Paid subscribed shares will be traded on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Copenhagen, Helsinki and Stockholm until 20 April 2009, after which the paid subscribed shares are expected to be registered as ordinary shares.

According to the terms of the rights offering shareholders in Nordea had the right to subscribe for 11 new ordinary shares per 20 existing ordinary shares. The subscription price was EUR 1.81,
SEK 20.75 or DKK 13.49 per new ordinary share. The last day of the subscription period was 3 April 2009. The total net proceeds of the rights offering will amount to approximately EUR 2.5bn.

J.P. Morgan, Merrill Lynch International and Nordea Markets acted as Joint Global Coordinators and Joint Bookrunners of the rights offering.

For further information:

Fredrik Rystedt, Chief Financial Officer, +46 8 614 7812
Johan Ekwall, Head of Investor Relations, +46 8 614 7852

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