Nordea Bank AB (publ) issues 16 new warrant series on 20 July 2011

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Nordea Bank AB (publ) will issue 16 new warrant series on 20 July 2011 under its warrant programme. The underlying assets of the turbo warrants are Fortum Oyj (FUM1V), Nokia Oyj (NOK1V), Outokumpu Oyj (OUT1V), Stora Enso Oyj (STERV) shares and OMXH25 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 indices. Upon expiry of a warrant, the possible net value is paid in cash to the holder of the warrant.

Warrant specific terms and conditions

All Warrants are issued under the warrant programme of Nordea Bank AB (publ) dated 6 October 2010. The base prospectus for the warrant programme and the final terms for each warrant serie are available at the issuer’s The following terms only summarize the final terms and the base prospectus.

IssuerNordea Bank AB (publ)
Instrument nameWarrant (call/put)
Underlying assetFortum Oyj (FUM1V), Nokia Oyj (NOK1V), Outokumpu Oyj (OUT1V), Stora Enso Oyj (STERV) shares and OMXH25 and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50 indices.
Cash Settlement Amount



Call Warrant:
(Closing Price – Strike Price) x Multiplier 
If the Closing Price is equal or lower than the Strike Price, no Cash Settlement Amount is paid out.


Put Warrant: 
(Strike Price – Closing Price) x Multiplier
If the Closing Price is equal to or higher than the Strike Price, no Cash Settlement Amount is paid out. 

Closing PriceReference Price on Closing Price Determination Date.
Closing Price Determination DateIn case of a Share:


Official Closing Price on Final Trading Day

In case of an Index:

Value of the index, based on Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd weighted average prices of the OMXH25 component shares from 09:40 until 18:30 EET on Expiration Date/Final Trading Day.

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50:
Final Settlement Price provided by EUREX

Market placeNasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd
Reference SourceIn case of Share:


Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd

In case of Index:

Nasdaq OMX Helsinki Ltd

Dow Jones Euro Stoxx 50:

Reference price determination methodClosing Price on Closing Price Determination Date
Exercise procedureThe Bank carries out automatic cash settlement
Listing currencyEUR



Total number of warrants3 000 000 – 10 000 000
Trading lot1 warrant
Market makerNordea Bank Finland Plc operates as the Market Maker.


Market Maker undertakes to provide bid and ask quotation for the Warrants during the time Warrants are subject to trading on a regulated market, multilateral trading facility or other marketplace. The undertaking is valid in the continuous trading of the regulated market, multilateral trading facility or other marketplace.

The difference between bid and ask quotation is at most (maximum spread):

0,10 EUR, if ask price is < 2 EUR
0,20 EUR, if ask price is > 2 EUR

Quotations concern a minimum amount of one thousand warrants. No bid quotation is given for Warrants that have a market value of less than one (1) cent or corresponding value in other currency. Market Maker is entitled to define the values of the parameters affecting the market making quotation. Market Maker is not liable to maintain its duties as Market Maker, if trading with the underlying asset has ceased.

Market Maker reserves the right to temporarily decline to quoting bid and ask prices during a period in which the Market Maker hedges its own position in an Underlying Assets and at such time as the Market Maker believes there are to be significant difficulties in quoting bid and ask prices due to technical reasons.

In conjunction with such limitation of the Market Maker’s obligation to quote bid and ask prices, the Market Maker shall notify parties on the market regarding the limitation through a notice via the regulated market/multilateral trading facility/marketplace.

Additional information on the underlying asset and underlying companyAdditional information on the company and the development of the value of the underlying company is available on the website of the OMX Nordic Exchange Helsinki: and on the website of the underlying companies, ,  Additional information on the volatility of the underlying asset is available from the issuer, tel. +358 9 369 49134.


The investors should analyse information on the company issuing the share before making decisions on warrants.

The warrants to be issued:

Table 1

Underlying instrumentUnderlying
ISIN code
Underlying CurrencyAdditional
Information on the
ESX1J2700NDSFI4000027115Dow Jones Euro Stoxx
NOK1U  36NDSFI4000027149Nokia
NOK1I  37NDSFI4000027156Nokia
NOK1V  35NDSFI4000027164Nokia
NOK1J  38NDSFI4000027172Nokia
NOK2C  39NDSFI4000027180Nokia
NOK2L   4NDSFI4000027198Nokia
NOK3L  45NDSFI4000027206Nokia
FUM1W 175NDSFI4000027214Fortum
FUM1K 195NDSFI4000027222Fortum
OUT1W   7NDSFI4000027230Outokumpu
OUT1K  85NDSFI4000027248Outokumpu
STE1W   6NDSFI4000027255Stora Enso
STE1K   7NDSFI4000027263Stora Enso

Table 2

ESX1J2700NDS2,700.00C   1/1005,000,00020/07/201121/10/201128/10/2011
H251V2100NDS2,100.00P   1/1003,000,00020/07/201121/10/201128/10/2011
H251J2350NDS2,350.00C   1/1003,000,00020/07/201121/10/201128/10/2011
NOK1U  36NDS3.60P   1/2 10,000,00020/07/201116/09/201123/09/2011
NOK1I  37NDS3.70C   1/2 10,000,00020/07/201116/09/201123/09/2011
NOK1V  35NDS3.50P   1/2 10,000,00020/07/201121/10/201128/10/2011
NOK1J  38NDS3.80C   1/2 10,000,00020/07/201121/10/201128/10/2011
NOK2C  39NDS3.90C   1/2 10,000,00020/07/201116/03/201223/03/2012
NOK2L   4NDS4.00C   1/5 15,000,00020/07/201121/12/201204/01/2013
NOK3L  45NDS4.50C   1/5 15,000,00020/07/201120/12/201303/01/2014
FUM1W 175NDS17.50P   1/5 5,000,00020/07/201118/11/201125/11/2011
FUM1K 195NDS19.50C   1/5 5,000,00020/07/201118/11/201125/11/2011
OUT1W   7NDS7.00P   1/5 5,000,00020/07/201118/11/201125/11/2011
OUT1K  85NDS8.50C   1/5 5,000,00020/07/201118/11/201125/11/2011
STE1W   6NDS6.00P   1/5 5,000,00020/07/201118/11/201125/11/2011
STE1K   7NDS7.00C   1/5 5,000,00020/07/201118/11/201125/11/2011

Helsinki, 19 July 2011


Juha Mikkilä     

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