Criminals do not take summer holidays but go phishing

08.07.19 13:34 | Päivittäiset raha-asiat

Did you know that Nordea applications are always updated in the app store? Nordea will never send you a text message asking you to update or activate your applications by clicking on links. If you receive a text message sent in Nordea’s name that asks you to activate an application, it is a phishing message. You should report it to Nordea and then delete the message.


If you suspect that your Netbank access codes have fallen into the wrong hands, please contact Nordea Customer Service as soon as possible by calling 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00 (local network charge/mobile call charge).


Frauds can also be reported to Nordea Fraud Operations by email: moc.aedron@itniotropar.


Remember the following important instructions:

1. Take care of the data security of your computer and keep it up to date.

2. Enter your access codes on the Netbank log-in page only if you have opened it securely (not, for example, through a link in an email).

3. Exit the session if there is a new and strange-looking page in Netbank and you are not able to browse your transactions or enter payments.

4. Only enter a confirmation code if you have entered a payment or payments.

5. Check the confirmation text message you receive from the bank carefully.

6. Remember that the access codes are personal and must not be handed over to another person.

7. The bank never asks customers’ access codes by telephone, text message or email.

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