Service break in Nordea's banking services on Sunday 23 April 2017

31.03.17 9:00 | Päivittäiset raha-asiat

Update 23 April 2017:

14:20 - The break in Nordea's banking services is over and all services are again available to our customers. All cards function normally and can be used for cash withdrawals. Our Netbank is also operating as normal.

11:40 - We have completed some of the IT maintenance work performed during the service break. All cards function normally and can be used for cash withdrawals and deposits at ATMs.


There will be a service break in Nordea's banking services in Finland on Sunday 23 April 2017. The break will begin at 4.00 in the morning and is estimated to end at about 18.00. The reason for the break is that we will be performing maintenance and updates on our IT systems. Unfortunately, this work cannot be performed without interrupting our services for our customers.

During the service break, you won’t be able to withdraw cash with Nordea's cards or use Nordea's access codes for electronic identification. Netbank and Mobile Bank will be unavailable during the entire break. Card payments will be possible with certain restrictions at stores and unmanned service stations, but the payment process may be slow and payments will not necessarily succeed.

The service break will also affect Nordea's Customer Service (personal customers), tel. 0200 70 000, and Nordea Business Centre, tel. 0200 26262. During the service break you won’t be able to handle any personal banking matters through Customer Service, as you won’t be able to identify yourself with your access codes.

The following services will be unavailable during the service break on Sunday 23 April 2017 as of 4.00:

  • Withdrawal and deposit of cash at ATMs
  • Withdrawal of cash at stores
  • Most card payments
  • Netbank (personal and corporate customers)
  • Bill payment ATMs
  • Mobile Bank (personal and corporate customers)
  • Identification with a code card, code app or code calculator
  • E-payment
  • E-identification (using public services with Nordea's access codes, for example)
  • Payment traffic and payment services
  • Nordea Pay, Nordea Investor and Siirto

We recommend that you prepare for the service break by withdrawing a sufficient amount of cash in advance and by doing your necessary banking in Netbank before the break. The service break will also affect Nordea’s cards and Netbank and Mobile Bank while travelling or abroad. If you are on a trip abroad for the weekend, we recommend paying your hotel bill on Saturday before the break, and if you are travelling by ferry, remember to take enough cash with you.

We will provide information and reminders on the service break on our website. The service break will also be announced in Netbank’s news.

Please remember: Nordea never contacts its customers by phone or by e-mail to ask for their access codes or payment card details.

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