Faster credit transfers now available to our customers

03.05.17 11:16 | Päivittäiset raha-asiat | Yritykset

Nordea has enabled faster credit transfers between financial institutions starting today.  Following the change, in most cases money will be credited to the recipient's account within the same banking day. The change applies to SEPA credit transfers from Finnish euro accounts made by both personal and corporate customers.

- Our customers have long been hoping for the possibility to make payments closer to real time. The launch of the Siirto mobile app this spring made real time payments between banks possible for personal customers. I’m very happy that now we can handle all credit transfers faster too, says Sampsa Laine, Head of Business Banking in Finland.

- Corporate customers will benefit the most, as faster credit transfers will improve their liquidity management and increase transparency in payment traffic, possibly resulting in cost savings as well, Sampsa Laine notes.

As a rule, money will be transmitted to the recipient within the same banking day, provided that the payment has been confirmed before 14.00 Finnish time. An exception to this are credit transfer files sent to file transfer, which must be confirmed before 13.00 Finnish time.

The upgrade concerns all euro-denominated credit transfers from Nordea to another financial institution in Finland or in Europe.

Benefits for corporate customers:

  • Improved liquidity management – payments can be made on the same day the recipient expects to obtain the funds. Fewer bank accounts are needed, as credit transfers are transmitted between banks on the same banking day.
  • Increased transparency in payments – payments made are transmitted to the recipient’s bank on the same day. Payments made over the weekend will be transmitted on the next banking day.
  • Cost savings – less need for express payments and payments with zero value date, as euro-denominated credit transfers are transmitted to the recipient on the same banking day.

Benefits for personal customers:

  • Funds are transferred to the recipient on the same banking day.
  • Payments made over the weekend will be transferred to the recipient's bank on the next banking day.

Credit transfers between Nordea's customers in Finland and the payments of salaries and pensions by corporate customers will be transmitted as before.

The faster transmission of credit transfers will require no action on the part of our customers and will cause no changes to the use or terms and conditions of existing services.

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