Nordea and DNA are piloting a new service to support senior citizens’ digital skills

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21.05.18 13:27 | Digipalvelut | Päivittäiset raha-asiat

With banking services increasingly going online and onto mobile platforms, Nordea has put a lot of effort into providing advice and instructions to its elderly customers. Online banking codes are a key to many different services in society, and it is our aim to lower the threshold for senior citizens to adopt digital services. As part of this effort, Nordea is teaming up with DNA to offer a tablet device, which it is easy to acquire and adopt.

The Nordea tablet will have banking services preinstalled, and advice and instructions will be continuously offered at all locations in Finland. In future, the tablet could also come preinstalled with other services, such as news applications. The tablet will also be suitable for the visually impaired.

“Online banking codes are not only needed to access banking services, they are a key to many other digital services in our society. A mobile device allows users to identify themselves electronically, making everyday life easier. The Tax Administration’s online services and My Kanta service, for example, can only be accessed with online banking codes. We want to do our part to make sure that no-one is denied access to these vital services,” says Sari Tempakka, Head of Daily Banking Finland at Nordea.

The package is sold below its normal price and it includes a tablet suitable for using online services and an interface specifically designed to make using these services as easy as possible. This ensures, for example, that the device camera can be used to scan barcodes on invoices. Customers can pick up a tablet from the DNA Stores listed on the token provided by Nordea in the pilot cities and towns. The tablet is primarily intended for customers who do not yet own a mobile device.

The Nordea tablet is initially being piloted in Helsinki, Vantaa, Turku, Raisio and Rovaniemi. The pilot started in late April and is being gradually expanded. If the pilot shows that there is significant demand for the service, it is possible that it will be expanded to other customer groups or other devices.

Senior citizens are more eager to go digital

In a recent survey on the use of digital content conducted by DNA, participants indicated that they preferred digital services to traditional ones especially when it comes to banking. The survey also showed that banking services were the most widely used digital services. *)

- Participation in the digital society is important to all of us irrespective of age. We notice daily that senior citizens are increasingly interested in using various digital devices and services and their willingness to learn increases all the time. They are willing to adopt new services and devices if they feel it's safe and easy. Together with Nordea, we can encourage senior citizens to buy suitable devices for using the services, and we’re more than ready to help them and guide them. DNA takes into account the specific needs of senior citizens. For example, we have a customer service line where the advisers are not in a hurry but will have time to advise the senior citizens, says Jukka Leinonen, CEO of DNA Plc.

“All our services have been made as easy to use as possible for all age groups, and we, too, have noticed that senior citizens are eager to learn how to use them. This is why, in 2018, we’ll focus on providing digital advice to senior citizens in particular, and we’re organising more than a hundred guidance events at libraries, retirement homes and shopping centres across Finland in the first half of the year alone,” says Tempakka.

For further information:

Sari Tempakka, Head of Daily Banking Finland, Nordea, +358 50 432 9839

Jukka Leinonen, CEO, DNA Plc, +358 44 044 1000,

Satu Malkamäki, Chief Press Officer, Nordea, +358 50 448 1182

DNA Communications, tel +358 44 044 8000,

*) This information is based on the Use of Digital Content survey conducted by DNA in March and April 2018, which included 1,018 respondents aged 15 to 74. For more information, please contact DNA Communications, if.and@atnitseiv, tel +358 44 044 8000.

DNA Plc is a Finnish telecommunications group providing high-quality voice, data and TV services for communication, entertainment and working. DNA is Finland's largest cable operator and the leading pay TV provider in both cable and terrestrial networks. For DNA, the key area for growth in corporate business is the new way of working, independent of time and place, facilitated by smart terminal devices, diverse communications services and rapid connections. In 2017, DNA recorded net sales of EUR 886 million and an operating profit of EUR 124 million. DNA has more than 3.9 million subscriptions in its fixed and mobile communications networks. The Group also includes DNA Store, Finland's largest retail chain selling mobile phones. DNA shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd. For further information, visit or follow us on Twitter @DNA_fi and Facebook.

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