Nordea’s experts share knowledge on new Open Insights hub

15.04.19 11:00 | Markkinat | Businesses | Vastuullisuus

Nordea has launched  Open Insights by Nordea, a hub that offers insights by our experts from four different business areas. The hub creates a one-stop resource for anyone interested in thought leadership on current key themes.

Open Insights by Nordea merges the existing content from the Transaction Banking Insights, Nordea Market Insights, and Sustainable Finance websites as well as our Business Banking blogs. It contains case studies, themed insights, behind the scenes reports, interviews, analyses, blogs and videos.

“As the largest bank in the Nordics, we need to show our customers and partners what Nordea stands for and this includes sharing our expertise wherever possible and setting the agenda with thought leadership content. Through this initiative, we have joined forces to make sure that the excellent thought leadership content being produced by different areas of the bank is now easily accessible in one place. Not only will this help position us as an open bank you can trust but it is also a great example of the value of internal collaboration”, said Elisabeth Fjellerup, head of Group Marketing.

The Open Insights by Nordea site will also host invitations to events, webinars and podcasts for business leaders and entrepreneurs. The respective old websites have been deactivated with the exception of, which from now on will be used for research as well as product and career information.

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